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As a Clubshop Partner, you’re co-creating the best people’s business ever conceived.

No doubts about it!

Consequently, you’ll undoubtedly reap the rewards you deserve.

No doubts about it neither!

But you need to be part of this business with the right mindset.

Mindset is what separates winners from losers, wealthy from poor.

One of the primary reasons certain people stay poor for their entire lives is that they want to make money quickly.

Quite funny paradox. Isn’t it?

But if you think about it, we’ll agree that it’s logical.

Why? Because these people still don’t have any of the requirements they need to become rich starting from scratch: vision, faith, persistence, resilience.

I see this lack with countless people every day.

If you live in a situation that you don’t like today and want to change it, you need to change your mindset first. Otherwise, you can only perpetuate the current condition. It sounds even obvious.

You need to be a visionary, not an observer.

Observers are only able to see and perceive as real the situation they are currently experiencing. They are victims of the external world as they have no control over it. 

If something unpleasant happens, they react with some negative emotions. If something good happens, they respond with some positive emotions. In both cases, they end by acting accordingly.

So, they keep taking one step backward and another one forward in a neverending loop that holds them where they are.

Visionaries, instead, are people able to persistently see and perceive as real, at an emotional level, the situation they wish to manifest. 

That’s how they attract thoughts, ideas, people, situationscircumstancesand whatever they may need to manifest at a physical level, whatever they’ve been able to imagine and desire.

There is nothing weird or esoteric here. It’s how the universe works. 

We have proof of it wherever we look around us. Whatever we can see now didn’t exist in the past. It’s been initially imagined and instantly created at a vibrational level by someone’s mind. 

These vibrations organized and attracted all the thoughts, ideas, people, situations, circumstances needed to perform the actions required to manifest also at the physical level what already existed at the vibrational one.

It means that human beings have no limits. 

It is constantly proven by all the more remarkable and faster achievements we keep seeing year after year thanks to millions of enlightened minds.

The problem for many of us is that we haven’t achieved the same awareness as those minds. Not even by far. And I’m not talking about inventing the time machine.

I’m just talking about super easy things like increasing your income, for example. Which is what Clubshop people’s business is all about.

I understand it’s not so easy to create that mental switch you need to become a winner if today that’s not exactly what you think you are.

But it would be best if you started somehow.

We designed Clubshop and its GPS as a powerful vehicle you can use to achieve any destination you can conceive, and that makes you vibrate.

But even here, of course, everything starts from a correct vision.

That’s why we already released the Clubshop Profit Sharing Projection Tool.

Get rid of your fears, start thinking big, and use this tool as much as you want to see how much you can earn as a Clubshop Partner once, together, we reach our shared goals. 

Change your projections by moving the income-building levers as you wish. 

Experience how you feel being a wealthy person, earning tens of thousands of dollars per month, living in abundance for the rest of your life.

Do that and feel free to share your comments and feelings in our Telegram and Facebook official communities.

Last but not least, always keep in mind the infallible success formula: 

Have Faith, Follow the Path, Never Give Up!

What? Are you not a Partner yet?

No problem: you can subscribe to the most suitable GPS directly here and instantly start co-creating with thousands of other worldwide Partners the most extraordinary people’s business ever conceived!

Deo Juvante!

Fabrizio Perotti

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Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

Comments (38)

  1. Tiberio Guglielmi

    E’ una condizione fondamentale l’immagine mentale che uno ha si e stesso. Il coraggio di mettere sempre in dubbio le proprie convinzioni ,per poter migliorare ogni giorno le proprie capacità di cambiamento. Per questo ho fatto mio il motto: ” Per ottenere cose diverse, bisogna fare cose lecite diverse. Per ottenere ciò che hai , basta fare quello che hai fatto fino ad oggi” Il punto è: Sei soddisfatto di quello che hai ottenuto fino ad oggi?

  2. Roma

    Io.sono..e sono stata una visionaria..ho sempre sognato..
    A volte deve tacere per essere sentito
    ….Ed uguale.deve andarvia per essere visti..
    Vorei avere le ali per poter volare..le radici per ritornare..E JUSTI MOTIVI PER RIMANERE..!

  3. Isaac efiom awai

    Please I need a directives on how to invest in clopshop am interested in the business here’s my WhatsApp number +2348105187556 please help should locate me thanks

  4. Tiemou Sylvain

    Bonjour, très réconfortant ce message de motivation.depuis plus d’un an maintenant je m’intéresse à l’entreprise Club stop.mon seul problème c’est le moyen par lequel payer mon le temps passe sans m’en rendre compte.

  5. Hi my name mebukura Gabriel
    I have been partner club shop for a while
    But I have serious financial challenge
    Anyway I believe someday God will bless with my destiny helper.

  6. Rosa Giannoccaro

    Sono Fiera di Me stessa.
    Il mio Motto è :NON AVERE PAURA: te l’ho scritto in maiuscolo, perché ciò che frena di più avere la mente aperta è la paura. Se anteponi a qualsiasi cosa di nuovo tu debba fare la paura, difficilmente inizierai il viaggio per nuove scoperte. Abbandona la paura per tutto ciò che non rientra nei tuoi schemi di vita, non avere paura di qualcuno che veste diverso da te, non avere paura per qualcuno che non parla la tua lingua, non avere paura di scegliere ciò che piace a te solo perché non piace a molti. Insomma ogni volta che ti viene in mente la frase “ho paura di fare questo…” trasformala in “io non conosco e voglio vedere cosa succede“. La famosa paura del diverso è solo frutto della non conoscenza.

    • Francisco Figueira

      Ciao Rosa, ottime parole per riflettere su tante persone che hanno ancora paura di agire, di essere protagoniste del proprio destino. Sono anche un membro del Clubshop e sono ancora felice di avanzare in questo grande progetto. benedizioni.

  7. Please help me to earn money to help my family about financial. We need financial because my mother sick, and i’m single mom i have 2 kids. Thank you and godbless! My whatsapp number is +639454891010

  8. Mike Mota

    Hi, I’m Mike Mota, I have been with the Clubshop for a while hopefully things will change my life someday.

  9. Jonathan Onyebuchi

    Hello I have not been an active member because of lack of understanding
    I want to be active help me
    Thank you so much

  10. Michael anthony charo

    Yes i know humans have no limit and i have seen myself very wealthy and do call all wealth and success into my reality and i know i will be tbere soon

  11. Onarinde Bosede B.

    Am happy to join the type of people that have the same mindset as mine, to live my dream life and even my unborn generation

  12. Ikechukwu Ibeji

    Am much in touch with all the information given to me by email,Now I want to ask how would I become a full partner of club shop mall, even I don’t have cash but I really want to be part of it ,so how do I go about it,

  13. A blissful morning to u all, pls help me know more about the club and am not rich nor too poor, show me or add me up very well let me do my best puls the help I believe would get from a blessed person or individual. My number is this 07017463786, I do borrow phone to come online and that is the number u can get me on through WhatsApp thanks, am sorry if I added or said or used a wrong avenue to seek for help.

  14. Avery Daley

    i am Avery Daley i live in jamaica ilove clubshop but things are not working out for me because i start with the trail and cant continue because i get lay off what can i do to keep going

  15. Suzette Favorite

    Hi! Am much in touch with all the information given to me by email,Now I want to ask how would I become a full affiliate partner , even I don’t have laptop or computer to used my online business but I really want to do it ,so how do I go about it, Can I do it with my android phone only?

    Thank you.

  16. Suzette Favorite

    Thank you, Club Shop Reward Admin, looking forward to learn on how to be successful like Someone here. I would love to do and follow.


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