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How do you feel when you look at some very successful person?

Do you admire them? Can they be of example and inspiration for you?

Or do you feel jealousy, frustration, bitterness, and all sorts of other harmful and destructive emotions?

Or, even worse, maybe you perceive them as elements of a different species of humans. Perhaps you’re even resigned to mediocrity because you feel that you’ll never achieve that kind of excellence?

That’s not good at all.

But, please, bear in mind that whatever we perceive and see when we look at the world is filtered by our beliefs. It’s not the reality. It’s what we think the reality is. But it’s not!

The only reality is that depending on what you think about anything, other people’s success, in this case, you shape your future and your entire life.

To make it short: if you feel negative emotions about other people’s success, you’re telling your subconscious mind you don’t like, hence don’t want, success. So, your mind will do everything possible to make you happy as per your wish: if you don’t like success, you won’t have it.

If, instead, you feel excited about other people’s success, like if it was yours, you know what you’re telling your mind? Try to guess. 😉

It’s easy to understand that what we are now is the outcome of our past emotions →  thoughts →  ideas →  actions.

And all of them had to pass through the filter of our beliefs that form our whole paradigm. This filter is an awesome thing only if we have had the chance of creating those beliefs on the foundation of a certain awareness. 

The problem is that usually, we accumulate very limiting beliefs all along an uncontrolled process since the very beginning of our life. These beliefs become part of whom we think we are (not of whom we really are).

For example, it’s easy to understand that the world’s perception is the opposite if you’re a child born and raised in a super-wealthy family or a child born and raised in a family that struggles to survive.

Nevertheless, does the above mean that you could only be happy and wealthy if you were born rich? And that if you were born poor, you could only be frustrated and broke?

Of course not! 

World’s history is full of broke wealthy family’s descendants and, on the other hand, born-poor people who became wildly successful.

And today, choosing our destiny is easier than ever if we have some talent or excel in some particular field.

But, let’s face it: we, the vast majority of people worldwide, are average. Often, we can be pretty good at something, but not enough to excel. So, we tend to adjust our expectations to a sort of mediocrity only helpful to protect our ego from disappointments and frustrations.

Unfortunately, our bank account mirrors this self-induced mediocrity directly ☹️.

If not healed as it should, mediocrity can condemn ourselves and our family to a cheap and unsatisfactory life.

It’s my firm belief that we’re here to live the fulfilled, wonderful life each one of us dreams (or, did you already stop dreaming?) and deserves.

I intend not only talented people with unique and extraordinary superpowers. I’m mostly thinking about millions of ordinary people worldwide, including the residents in less fortunate countries.

Those who badly want to get rid of their mediocrity and aim for greatness have only one solution: they must come together as one! They must form a whole, a movement, a pacific army for financial freedom.

They must stop practices like crying about how unlucky they are or complaining about everything but themselves. These are some of the most self-destroying attitudes they can have.

It’s time for everyone to assume the responsibility of their lives and commit not to accept mediocrity anymore.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline. – 2 Timothy 1:7.

I understand that my words can be just useless abstract concepts when a proposal does not follow them.

Words make sense only if they come together with a shared and accepted solution. 

I dreamed of a practical, tangible solution with a precise and easy strategy that everyone can follow step-by-step. A great solution must enable ordinary people worldwide to come together as one to enjoy the shared journey to greatness with enthusiasm, passion, and joy.

This dream is taking shape day after day, supported by a fast-growing “group of positive mindsets devoted to intelligent work with persistence and loyalty.”

I’m referring to the most loyal people that are part of the global team of Clubshop’s Partners!

People who are enthusiastically and persistently supporting the Clubshop’s noble mission and principles while aiming for greatness.

They know that alone they would be one, while together everyone achieves more! Only millions of people united can make a difference. And we will.

That’s why the Clubshop GPS (Global Partner System) exists.

If you are not yet part of this winning team and are fed up with mediocrity, ask yourself: “what the heck am I still waiting for?”

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Deo Juvante!

Fabrizio Perotti

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Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

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  1. Tiberio Guglielmi

    IO sono orgoglioso di esere un Partner e lo sarò sempre, credo di averlo dimostrato se non con risultati eclatanti ( ma e solo questione di tempo) ma sicuramente con la fedeltà, nel progetto. Sopratto da quando ci sono i due nuovi proprietari. Giuseppe e Fabrizio. Grazie

  2. Fongbe Abdoulaye

    Bonsoir Monsieur Ribeiro,
    J’aimerais savoir comment ce business fonctionne car je ne comprends rien dedans. Merci

  3. Moses John

    Am a truck driver and I will to travel to united state as a trailer driver and work there as a trailer driver also

  4. كلامكم جميل جداً وانا مستعد لمستقبل جديد وفرصة عمل جديده انا شخص مبثور القدمين وارجو مساعدتي على ان اكون معكم ولكم جزيل الشكر واتمنى لكم يوم سعد


    Your words are very nice and I am ready for a new future and a new business I am a mystery and I will help me to be with you and thank you very much

    • Simona

      hi dave, I’m Simona
      What difficulties did you have during login? Leave you my email, if you want to write me maybe I can help you. bye and have a nice day

  6. Ndapandula

    I dnt understand the clubshop please I dnt how it’s work how to register to start earning how to pay 🤔

    • Simona

      Hi, I’m Simona from Italy. If you want some information or help you can contact me via email at [email protected] and start as soon as possible with this wonderful opportunity that is Clubshop … you will only fall in love with it

  7. I’m feel good! if I’m successful person about the Monthly salary for N$6000.00 only.
    As member of club shop so far so good. Unfortunatry My office is indicate a storeroom. I wonderful in this.
    Thank you to co -operated.

  8. My name is mercy Johnson ene I am 22 years old, I’m from benue state Nigeria, I when I see a successful person I do admire them alot, because all I need is just for me to work hard become a successful person in life but no one to help I didn’t even finish my school, but with God I still have hope, I always pray to God for help so that I can feed the street n I know that God will surely see me through.

    • That’s a great attitude, Mercy Johnson! And also stay alert to perceive the answers God sends you. Many times happens we pray and ask God for something but then we don’t recognize the signs he sends us. 😉

  9. Cyril Nwazulu

    When ever I see successful people I’m so excited and I don’t jealous and I pray God to bless me too I love them no jealousy

  10. Bonsoir. Je suis JN-PIERRE Cassagnol. Je me sens super bien, quand je vois une personne qui réussir dans la vie, et je suis tellement content on dirrait que c’était moi.
    Et j’ai toujours envies d’entretenir avec, pour partager avec moi le secret de sa réussite.

  11. Utibe Ifon

    Hello there! It’s nice to hear from you in person if this article. I joined about a year ago if I’m not mistaken but the one thing keeping me from advancing is the few dollar charge!
    I don’t have an agency to lend from.
    I really need your help.
    I have a critical family condition but nevertheless I want to be able to lift my family from the mess we’re in rn.

    Thanks for consideration.

  12. Daniel Solomon

    Hi, I’m Daniel Solomon from country Papua New Guinea, thankyou so much for your powerful words of encouragement. I am always an unlucky guy in any lotto games today I’m more than convinced. Thank God for your persistent assurance to join. Now how can I access my winning cheques or how can you link up with my bank account at my local bank here in PNG? Pls let me know. God Bless you.


    Am impressed with article and I always feel happy with those that have made, praying that with God and my little effort I will also be successful tomorrow.

  14. Alina

    Mi cónyuge y yo vinimos a trompicones desde una dirección web diferente y pensamos que también podría comprobar las cosas. Me gusta lo que veo, así que ahora te sigo. Esperamos explorar su página web por segunda vez.

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