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Our noble mission is not simple at all.

We have put in place a system that makes everything easy for anyone.

But despite this, achieving our goal of creating extraordinary lives for ordinary people is undoubtedly not an easy walk.

Did you wonder why?

Let’s face reality because telling us only the things we want to hear doesn’t get us anywhere.

And, if we realize what the real situation is, we will also be able to take the necessary measures to deal with it.

Since always, network marketing has been for many, I would say for the vast majority of people who approached it, a sort of “the last beach.”

They get there when life has turned its back on them; they don’t have a job or have a job that pays them little or nothing, and they also have a family to maintain.

Now, we can only generalize, of course.

But we must accept a fact: 

Those in such a bad situation are certainly not the first of the class in the school of life.

But they can only blame themselves for that.

Because where each one of us is today, is the precise result of the average of what he has been until now in vibrational terms of ThoughtsFeelingsIdeasDecisionsActionsResults.

This is undeniable, it is not an opinion.

I repeat the concept: each of us today is precisely where he must be, because

  1. Where we are now is the consequence of all the actions taken so far.
  2. Actions are always the outcome of decisions.
  3. Decisions are determined by ideas.
  4. Ideas spring from feelings.
  5. Feelings are influenced by thoughts.

So, the weaker the initial thoughts, the worse the final result.

And when we are ignorant about something, we not even know what we don’t know. So, the initial thoughts risk being extremely weak.

If we are dealing with an army of “last of the class,” it’s clear that the recovery effort we have to do is enormous.

It’s decidedly higher than what it would be if we had to do with an army of “first of the class” instead.

Actually, in that case, there would be no effort to recover anyone.

If even someone were left behind the others, they would probably have the resources to recover on their own.

Therefore, each of us must be aware of this factual situation.

Each of us has to decide who he wants to be. Would you like to become the first in the class?

Nobody forbids one last to make the necessary effort to become the first.

Anyone, unless he suffers from severe impairments, has the resources to do so.

We just must have the will to do it. 

And recognizing ourselves as the last in the class is the first step to take if we want to become the first.

At Clubshop, we need this today: many last in the class with the necessary will and humility to become the first.

So many new first in the class that can become the example to follow for the other millions of last.

So many new first that can help those who are left behind to follow the same path of growth.

But this growth must be first and foremost personal and spiritual.

Because it is only this type of change that can subsequently bring the desired material results, deserved by those who became first of the class in the school of life.

The beauty is that there are no limits to how many first in the class we can have.

Anyone who wants it can become one.

But it takes humility and awareness. Faith, Determination, and perseverance. Joy, optimism, and enthusiasm.

And how do you get all this?

All this comes from knowing precisely what you really want, from having the burning desire to get it, and a precise road map to follow.

But above all, it comes from the irrevocable decision of traveling all along the specified path. 

Until the final destination. 

Without ever giving up in front of every inevitable obstacle that you might find on the journey.

Obstructions are part of our own growth. Indeed, these obstacles are essential components of our success.

Because each time we overcome one, we become more robust.

They make us more aware of being a step closer to the material manifestation of what already exists vibrationally in our imagination.

Whatever you can see in your imagination exists, it is already yours. You just have to transmute it to the present moment.

The process is always the same because the laws of the universe have always been immutable. 

Whatever has ever manifested on the material level in the world around you, has always, inevitably, followed precisely the same process: 

A burning desire born from the lack of something → visualization of what can fill this lack → willingness to obtain it → positive thoughts useful for the purpose → strong feelings (enthusiasm, joy, passion)  ideas 💡 decisions → actions  results.

Look at every single object around you in this precise moment; you have countless pieces of evidence of what I’m saying.

If our mind remains focused on the object of our desire, and not on its lack, this whole process will undoubtedly be supported by great joy, fun, enthusiasm, and passion.

All essential components that enable you to enjoy the whole trip and not just the final destination.

So what to do now?

With humility and determination, start taking the first steps:

  1. Choose your “first in the class” goal based on what you really want. 
  2. Then make the irrevocable decision to do everything is necessary until you have achieved it.

Without ever finding excuses to justify an interruption of your path.

Each of us is responsible for his own life, his feelings, his results.

Remember: the only difference between rich people and poor people is that rich people have more positive than negative feelings about money. 

Poor people focus their thoughts more on the lack of money rather than on the abundance of money. They, therefore, perpetuate their existing situation.

Poverty is about feeling “poor.” In the same way, wealth consists of feeling “rich.”

You can be broke, but not “poor.” Being broke is a temporary situation. Feeling “poor” is a destructive kind of mindset.

Our imagination faculty, combined with strong positive emotions, is the superpower that we all have to get anything we want in life.

Only you can decide what to imagine and how to feel.

You are a creator; you have no limits, and you deserve the best.

So, click here and start acting accordingly NOW!

Enjoy the journey. Always!

Fabrizio Perotti

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  1. Mbahaotu Faithful Prosper

    Please I want to be part of this network marketing. I will need guidelines and what to do concerning the start up.

    • Hey, Mbahaotou! I’m happy to hear that. Please log into your clubshop account, click on the green button to read everything about the free 30-day trial program and then started. During your trial, you will have all the time you need to understand everything. Also, please join us in our Facebook group that you find linked in your dashboard.

  2. Faith Harrison

    Am so overwhelmed, encouraged and grateful. God bless you and am very much Happy to hear from you and to be a part of this great team.

  3. Hola mi Nombre es Apolinar King Aquino estoy muy contento de pertenecer a esta gran Empresa tengo apena 8 dias de estar en la empresa y me ciento muy contento de todo lo que nos ofrece esta gran oportunidad y estoy hablando con mis amigos y familiares para que formen parte de esta oportunidad lo mejor en Linea Gracias.

    • Dear Willemina, you don’t need to share your bank details. At the checkout please select one of the payment options available; PayPal, VISA/MASTERCARD, Bitcoin

  4. Rendere le nostre vite straordinarie.
    Cosa potremo cercare di più bello e importante per la nostra vita?
    Il Clubshop ci rende partecipi di una grande opportunità per rendere la nostra vita una vita straordinaria.
    Questa è la mia comunità di Fratellanza. Grazie

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