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Fear Not, Make Money

I know it. You want to make money.

I don’t need paranormal powers to know that.

I know this because that’s why you spontaneously decided to register at Clubshop.

And then what happened? Probably nothing. Why? Because of your fear.

How do I know it?

Because there are no rational reasons that should lead you to renounce following a logical path that every single human being interested in making money would enthusiastically follow if they were not paralyzed by their fear.

This magic path is called “COOPERATIVE MARKETING,” and it’s the only tangible solution to the financial struggle of millions of people worldwide.

Let’s see this path in just a few words.

  • 1) Register for free to activate your Clubshop 3D Mall with hundreds of big-name stores offering hundreds of millions of products, ready to generate sales for you automatically.
  • 2) Buy the JumpStart Cooperative Advertising Campaign for $19.90 to generate the first 12 (or 32) customers for your Clubshop Mall’s Global Market.
  • 3) Get to know these first customers and support them in activating the same Cooperative Campaign as you.

The duplication of these three simple steps alone could lead to the creation of a shared global market for your Clubshop Mall with tens of thousands of affiliates and customers.

The Only Way Ordinary People Have To Make Money Online

Now, imagine even just 1,000 customers producing an average monthly commission for you of $1 each; it means you make a $1,000 monthly passive income generated by your automated Clubshop Mall.

And if there were 10,000 customers producing $1 each? It would mean you make $10,000 per month.

Can you see the power of COOPERATIVE MARKETING? It allows you to benefit from multi-million dollar ongoing advertising campaigns, even if you participate in them for only $19.90.

It’s not magic. It’s logic. And it’s mathematics.

Why Not?

So why aren’t 100% of Clubshop members taking advantage of this incredible COOPERATIVE MARKETING strategy?

The reason is a destructive mix of ignorance and laziness, which opens the door to fear and thoughts of this kind:

  • “It seems too good to be true.”
  • “These people are scammers.”
  • “It must be a pyramid/Ponzi/HYIP, etc. etc.”

Of course, we’re all ignorant about facts we don’t know yet. And we can’t know all about everything.

A big problem arises when we want something (to make money in this case), but we don’t take the time because of our laziness. We need to learn more about something that could potentially bring us exactly where we want to go.

We see that every day:

  • Thousands of people register at Clubshop after clicking an advert saying they can start their online business with $19.90.
  • Then, they land on a page that clearly repeats the same concept, and they submit the registration form.
  • They land on a thank-you page that explains the same concept once more, including the three steps listed above.

Result? We understand the majority of them passed through the three steps of the registration funnel without even reading what was written.

This should not happen if you are seriously interested in making money online.

But it happens because our minds tell us: “If I have to pay and it seems too good to be true, it is certainly a scam.”

On the Internet, that is true 99% of the time, so your fear is understandable, but it doesn’t justify the fact that you give up looking for the right opportunity that could really change your life just because you think all are the same.

But once you take the time to understand:

  • What Clubshop Rewards is.
  • What fe-Commerce is.
  • Who the owners of Clubshop are.
  • Who the Clubshop VIPs are.
  • How much you will make per month with Clubshop.

Well, you finally get the awareness you need to decide to activate your JumpStart Advertising pack.

And you know what? You can get that awareness in a matter of minutes if, instead of staying hidden and isolated from the rest of the community, you decide to come and meet us on our official social groups:

You can even book a live call on Zoom with me as the Clubshop co-owner.

Once you realize we’re all honest people just like you, united by the same goals and ambition for a better global life, I’m sure all your fears will fade away, and you’ll decide to start your wealth journey with us.

Join our groups now!

Fabrizio Perotti

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