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Are you one of the 100 Proprofit Billion Club Partners who got a Guaranteed Sales Advert from us to generate a net profit of $155,000 x 3 through the sale of GPS Pro?

Lucky you!

If you have correctly published your Advert per these instructions, you should start seeing hundreds of Fast Start Bonuses flowing into your GPS Income Report in just a few weeks from now.

Once your Advert achieves the “Sales Delivery Status 9C,” – it shows as ‘Delivering,’ and the system starts delivering your Guaranteed Sales.

That’s when you can start jumping and dancing on the table while watching your income report grow at lightning speed.

Once the delivery starts, the system should complete the 1st $155K cycle in two weeks or less. 

So, you’re probably wondering how long it will take to get at this “Sales Delivery Status 9C,” right? 

Well, we prepared the simple calculator you see on this page to allow you to start getting excited, making an estimation based on the date you published your advert.

The calculator considers the days we have seen passing by for each phase since we published the first adverts in July.

When I posted this page, these adverts achieved the status “9B Notice.”

Once they complete all the phases, the calculator will be even more precise because, so far, we don’t know exactly how many days it takes from the “GTS Service Contract” date and the beginning of Status “9C Delivering.”

So, we estimated 10 days, but it could be less or a little more.

I’m sure you’re also wondering when the money will be physically in your pocket, right?

It’s simple!

For example, let’s say your delivery starts on November 25th, and from that day until November 30th, the system has already delivered $70,000 of Fast Start Bonuses.

Great! You’ll receive these $70,000 (minus your GPS Fee if you have the automatic renewal activated) before December 22nd.

But, First of all, ensure you have flagged the checkbox to activate the Automatic Community Contribution Optimization!

So, if you were wondering when you can invite all your family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate your wealth, now, with this calculator, you can have a pretty precise idea!

If you haven’t got one of these 100 Adverts, don’t cry.

Soon we’ll have the opportunity of bringing something great to you too!

Have Faith, Follow The Path, And Never Give Up!

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