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Dear Partners,

Don’t worry about unpaid Partners on your team.

I often see some of you getting discouraged when you notice some partners becoming red in your vertical lines because they didn’t renew their monthly GPS subscription.

Please consider that a blessing. Certainly not an issue. 

Why? Because as you may already know, soon, we won’t accept new Partners, and we’ll switch to a Profit Sharing model based on the exclusive Clubshop algorithm.

With that model, your income potential will have no limits, especially for those who have a team of excellent and active partners instead of a group of zombies in their lines.

That’s why today, like the company, you should not be very interested in keeping partners that, for whatever reason, are not enthusiastically involved in their Clubshop business and noble mission.

End Of The Grace Period.

As soon as your “red” partners end their “grace” period, they’re automatically downgraded to Affiliate, liberating places in your team for the good ones.

And, don’t worry about getting new worthy partners because soon, your pools will be flooded with countless new GPS subscribers through the 100 Guaranteed sales adverts that will start to generate an avalanche of new Partners.

You and all the GOOD partners in your team will benefit from that situation even if you’re not one of those lucky 100 partners who will earn a $306,900 net profit in the following few months, thanks to the pre-paid Guaranteed sales adverts we offered them for free.

Set Up Your GPS Line Builder.

You must set up your GPS line builder correctly and have no more than six vertical lines active to get the maximum benefit as taught in the GPS Essential Training lesson.

Otherwise, all incoming partners generated by your upline and downline sponsors’ line builders won’t integrate perfectly with yours, and you won’t be able to dramatically boost your results and those of every active partner in your team.

If you still don’t know how to set up your GPS Line builder correctly, please see the GPS Essential Training and ask questions on our official Facebook or Telegram groups.

Great Things Are Going To Happen.

Expect great things in the months and years to come, and rest assured that your bright financial future is not based on those who fail and leave the business. 

As a Clubshop Partner, you are an entrepreneur who wants to build a rock-solid business on selected positive, enthusiastic, and persistent people.

Not on whiners and quitters. So, be happy each time someone leaves one of the few places available. Someone worthy will undoubtedly take it.

If, instead, you think some of your “red” partners are worthy, but they’re just not aware of what will happen during the following months, feel free to get in touch with them and let them know they’re going to lose everything. Then, advise them to renew their GPS immediately.

In any case, take it easy and always have a lot of fun!

Fabrizio Perotti

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