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There is a big misunderstanding about our Mission:

“building extraordinary lives for ordinary people.”

If you like our Mission and want to help us pursue it, the first thing you should do is think about what you can give. Not what you can get.

If you want to be one of those “ordinary people” who will soon enjoy an “extraordinary life,” first, you need to help some other people. Only then someone will help you.

It’s a universal law: you can’t receive without giving first. And you can look for all kinds of excuses to skip this law. But none of them can help you. The law remains, fortunately, because it’s the same law that can make you extremely rich.

Our business can’t be an exception: so, if you are an affiliate or a Trial Partner, don’t waste time thinking if YOU are going to make money.

Of course, you will make money. But at the right time and exclusively as of the natural consequence of your right mindset and persistent positive attitude.

It’s just enough to know that, every month, when you decide to renew your GPS, your upline sponsors will earn a commission. 

And you should be extremely happy for them!

Like if you were making money yourself at that same moment and even more than that.

At the same time, be aware that you’re also doing something good for the Company. Which ultimately is YOUR Company, YOUR asset, YOUR future.

Paraphrasing the famous words of J.F. Kennedy, ask not what your Company can do for you, ask what you can do for your Company.

Being happy to help others is the best thing you can do to help yourself be wildly successful.

And the good thing is that it depends exclusively on you. You have 100% control over it.

The same concept of helping others, which is the foundation of every single successful person on earth, must be your daily leitmotiv too while you’re building your Clubshop business.

For example, there is a special moment in your ClubShop business pathway to success that certainly makes you happy every time it happens.

It’s a moment that will keep happening more and more often month after month.

It’s when you get notified of a new Partner in your team.

Well, It’s certainly a moment that you deserve to celebrate and to be grateful for.

It’s a moment that you, as a Clubshop Partner, tend to consider as a positive result, an achievement on your way to Team Pilot, and then to Bezos. A new, juicy commission, dropping into your account. Sure it’s all this. And you can be profoundly thankful for that.

Be careful, however, because all the above is of no importance compared to the sense of responsibility that you must feel at that moment.

Consider that your teammates are there because, if you’re a worthy sponsor, they trust you. They followed your example and your advice. And now they’re an essential part of your team and your future.

Now your job is to help them to succeed.

Bear in mind that your teammates are not just ID numbers. They are people like you and me, with dreams, wishes, needs.

They are Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Grand Parents. Some of them had to make a significant effort to buy their GPS.

When you see them in your team, treat them accordingly. They are all worthy, unique persons. They’re not numbers.

Try to build a real rapport with them. 

Help them to fulfill their dreams and celebrate their achievements more than yours.

Be sincerely happy for them, and forget about your interest. 

The universe will reward you tomorrow, based on what you give today.

So, you’d better stop being worried, fearful, skeptical, and pessimistic right now. 


Spread out joy, enthusiasm, excitement, optimism, caring support, and love. This is what the world needs from you.

You’ll receive all this back, multiplied x 100 under different forms, depending on your core wishes, passions, and dreams.

Fabrizio Perotti

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Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

Comments (122)

  1. Chinedu

    Am very happy to have received such an amazing mail, I love clubshop I do wanna be part of this great life changing platform, but the problems I had as a citizen of Nigeria is money,I don’t have penny to feed my sick mum am damn poor ,I don’t have anything to invest please.but I just wish to part of this team,to whom it may concern Remain blessed.

    • Assueres Santos

      Meu querido! Nesse momento tão dificil que estamos vivendo, sejamos gratos a Deus pela vida e pela condição que ele nos dá, pois há situações piores que a nossa nesse momento. Que Deus te ilumine e cubra com grandes bençãos. Que o Clubeshop seja uma benção em nossas vidas.

  2. Umar Habibat

    Thank you for the opportunity, i am earnestly hoping to invest soon. You know this lockdown stuff has tied dkwn everything. So am working seriously to make d payment as soon as i can. Thank you

  3. Dominador Obra

    Every people from all walks of life had its own way to pursue deams and ambitions in life to achieve. Hence they’re so optimistic enough when they get stumble they could stand and try and try until they succeed and even reach the stairway to success..

  4. Patrick Omini Arikpo

    I just like the platform since I heard about it,,there is this impressed witness that tells me of it legitimacy .
    Am happy to be part of the platform and also contribute my quota for the success of the company at large.
    Presently my ATM card is verve of which it is not recommended,,
    In a month time I will ensure to apply for. Visa or master card for smooth running of the business (transaction) . I mean the activation of my GPS

  5. Friday

    Am really impresiessed at the mission of this group. I have passion and desire to help people but my hands are short that I cannot help even my own mother medical bill. The only thing that can give me joy is to help the poor and needy. Because I know what it took me to optain a Diploma in the Polytechnic without a sponsor and now a graduate without a job. I rest my word. Thanks

  6. Prince Odogwu

    Yes thank you for the message and educative tool impacted into lots of people , I am very happy to be part of this movement of chains of success of making people around to be happy.This is the most important thing in life . To carry people along in our success is important . Thank you for being there for people like me .


    I appreciate your informations about the club, but I don’t know what are involved? and how can I fit in and actively participate in the club?. Thanks.

  8. Gcobani Payani

    I so happy to be a club shop mall partner, however I don’t have enough money, here in Southern Africa, and I look forward to be successful.

  9. Emmanuel G Chikohomero

    Thanks for accepting me here and i do agree with the terms and conditions of this organisation, i now need to be guided on the stage to take

  10. Am very happy to have receivd such an amazing mail .ilove clubshop and I want to be apart of this great life changing platform,but the problem ihave as akenyan citizen don’t have money to get my own life at asucces.i even don’t have something to invest ,but ionly put my wish to part of this team to give me asuport of ten thousand shillings ,on which you will subtruct from my achievement funds .will be greatful to get that over.thank blesed

  11. Aderemi

    I made a purchase of Advertisment for$45 on 16th of may and I was send an email that I will receive cash back and my delivery but nothing was said about it again. I want to refer some people and I don’t know how please help

  12. Uche Chris

    Everything I study on clubshop is okay. When will the pending commission be pay and what can someone do improve on this Great platform.

  13. Mohammed Habib

    Please the motivational words above are captured thank you. But please my suggestion is that can they any automated messages for partners to send messages to their affiliate and trial partners to show their activities or examples to them so that can follow because some of us cannot express our self to their understanding thank you.

    • All Trial Partners already received notification each time an event occurs in their team. And also regular emails from the Company. But, as a Partner, you should communicate personally with your teammates. If you have difficulties with the language, You should contact your upline partners, and ask them if they can translate for you the message you’d like to send to your team (which is their team too). If they are English speaking people it’s easy for them to translate from your language to Ennglish in Google and then just adjust it to make it perfect.

    • If you’re not a Clubshop Member yet, ask the Clubshop referral link to the person who invited you to join this group and signup as an affiliate for free.
      These are the 3 easy steps to start taking advantage of your Clubshop Business:

      1) Signup FOR FREE as a Clubshop affiliate.

      2) Read all the information carefully in your thank you page right after your registration and start your FREE-NO-OBLIGATIONS-30-Day Trial GPS immediately.

      3) Confirm the GPS you’re trying as soon as you’ve understood how FANTASTIC it is!

      To get a clear idea of this unique business model, please watch this short introductory video at least a couple of times carefully:

      • I’m the most happiest person to be part of this great organization, bit the problem is money i’m a student and I hardly pay my tuition fee, please I’m ready to continue with this company please give me directives on go how to go about it thank you your faithfully egu shadrach

  14. Joshua

    Thanks so much for the update. But I don’t understand the step by step process and eager to start working.
    Joshua Abata

    • Reuben Iheanyichukwu

      Well,l appreciate every training had within the one month trial partner. Which had made a great professional in the E marketer. I love the program from the day to end. But my handicap is money to activate GPS. So lf l don’t get lmediate financial compensation is not the making of the clubshop. Iam working hard to see how l can get money to activate GPS. I miss my co partners mostly my downliners . I wish them more grace to endeavors. Thanks l still need more messages and ready to continue …

  15. Really I appreciate what is said on this platform but still i don’t understand how to join it and what to do with it, where and how do we start this, is like getting people swimming in a pool and invite you to swim but you don’t know how to swim, how will you start it? This what makes me difficult to understand that, the idea is great but where and how I don’t know
    Thanks no go by

    • Hi Robert, it’s very simple.
      1) log in to your Clubshop account
      2) Click on the “button how it works”
      3) Click in the green button to start your 30-Day FREE Trial Program

  16. Assueres Santos

    Estou muito animado com essa oportunidade que recebí. Claro que quero ganhar dinheiro, mas isso não é o mais importante. A felicidade de poder ver nossas familias sendo abençoada mesmo neste tempo tão dificil. Espero que tudo volte ao normal para passar a coprar de nossos parceiros e poder levar essa nova forma de trabalhar ao maior número de pessoas. Grato a Deus sempre.

  17. FATIMAH Kassim Latif

    I don’t understand d plat from will I pay before I will be earning money please put me true

  18. Crisela Rebote

    I have already paid my purchase for activation of my GPS.i am still waiting for an email that my activation were successful..but I don’t know when it will be activated..please let me know..thank you…

    • Hi Crisela, the email could be even in your spam folder. But you don’t need it. Just log in to your Clubshop Account and you can see your status updated.

      • Tanimola

        Please who will give me orientation about this platform I don’t get it well and how can I be makes money in this websites

        • Don’t worry that is why we have the 30 day free trial program. You would just have to log into your ClubShop account, click on the green button to read everything about the 30 day free trial, then select the GPS that you want to activate. That’s how you will learn everything

  19. Reuben Iheanyichukwu

    Well,l appreciate every training had within the one month trial partner. Which had made a great professional in the E marketer. I love the program from the day to end. But my handicap is money to activate GPS. So lf l don’t get lmediate financial compensation is not the making of the clubshop. Iam working hard to see how l can get money to activate GPS. I miss my co partners mostly my downliners . I wish them more grace to endeavors. Thanks l still need more messages and ready to continue …

  20. Kpea Gueu Maurice

    Je suis très intéressé par cette aventure mais je ne sais pas comment m’y prendre. Je me suis inscrit, j’ai un identifiant(GK4220551),quelle est l’étape suivante ? J’ai essayé d’activer l’essai mais n’y comprends rien parceque tout est en anglais. Je souhaiterais être guidé et en français s’il vous plaît. Merci de votre attention

  21. Crisela

    Ive logged in just this time and look for my status..i am still on my 30 day trial long it will take to become a real clubshop partner from the day I’ve purchased my GPS..

    • Hi Crisela are you sure? Because the GPS Activation is immediate if your payment was done using the right email address. And if you activated the same GPS that you were trying. Please post here your Clubshop ID number and I will check it out for you.

    • Hi Crissolo I just checked and they noticed that when you pay that you have it activated this account CR9441058. Play attention because you also have two other accounts. So make sure to login with a good one

  22. Crisela

    The recent Id membership which I have activated my GPS is CR4743294..please help me verify will expire on June 26, 2020..

  23. Gary wiersema

    I think club shop is truly an amazing opportunity for anyone that wants to succeed and help others along the way..seeing your business grow knowing each month u reach new expectations is a privilege to have a GPS system keeping things organized..I’m truly grateful of this..and I’m very happy to make my contribution each month towards Clubshop and my members..i just see the importance to help others achieve..and I feel privileged too have found a Superb business…Thank you.

  24. Crisela

    Good day Sir Fab..please help me find a way to get my GPS activated..i try to logged with my previous acct which is CR9441058, I can’t open it..then I try the other one acct which is CR4743294, I had open it,but I am still in 30 day trial program..i don’t know how to start,since I was stacked in GPS activation..i feel a little bit disappointed because I feel I was in a wrong way..i keep an eye on my daily pending earnings which goes up and down from the day I purchased my GPS..and I don’t know if I could have it as what stated in the platform..please,i am waiting for your response..i really need your help..i have only few days left on my trial program…thank you and God bless…

    • Hi Crisela you have confirmed your GPS on your account CR9441058 where you are registered with the same email account that you use for your payment (…[email protected]). So all I’d fine, you just need to login with this account. If you don’t remember the password your can reset it. You find he “forgot email” link in the login page.

    • Hi Gee Dion log into your ClubShop account at If you don’t remember your login credentials click on the forgot password link and you will be able to retrieve your login password and ID. Once you’re logged in and start your 30 day free trial program. You will find it by clicking the green button that you see there in your dashboard.

  25. Harrison norsu

    It is a great privilege to be part of this great company.i have learned from my early age from many mentors ,that helpit people who are down to stand on their feet is the greatest achievement in is my passion a d desire to the mission of this company by helping people.but the challenge I have now is that I am financially constraint.but I believe soon things will get better and I hope to be of great help to this company.thank you.

  26. Ekwenchi Fanny Stella

    How do I invest now, pls the account no for Club shop and how do I pay for my activated GPS please.

    • If you are here you are probably already a ClubShop member. So log into your Clubshop shop account and click the green button to start your free trial.

  27. Of course I am interested but I am in doubt or maybe illiterate or whatever I am not really understand you..Is it scamming materials..can you simplify it to level which I could understand fully..

    • Dear Charles, thank you for your comment. You just need to log into your clubshop account and click the button “how it works.” That’s where you find the basic information you need at this moment. Then, second thing you need to do when you are there, it’s to click the green button to read the about and start your 30 day free trial program. That’s how you will see the system at work for you. So if you like it and understand it you can start your business otherwise you will take a different decision. And always open your mind with faith not with fear.

  28. Hi I am a Bangladeshi man, I study but I don’t have money to pay for reading, I know less English but I will try my best to earn some money from this site

  29. I can afford it. The issue is I don’t have a bank account, PayPal etc. Or any of those mode of payment that you could accept so how am I going to activate my GPS and convert my peso to dollar? Any help? I’m still kind of confused with the process.

    • Hi Olivia, if you don’t have a PayPal account, why don’t you just open one? ???? If I’m not wrong you are in a country that can use PayPal.Anyway the best thing you can do used to use bitcoin to pay and to receive money too.

  30. kouassi

    Bonjour, chers amis et parents, je suis nouvelle et je ne sais pas comment faire pour décoller le Clubshop, je souhaite votre confiance et soutien afin de pouvoir avancer dans ce grand monde. Merci

    • Akinomi Christian

      Je suis très heureux d’avoir reçu un mail aussi incroyable, j’adore le clubshop Je veux faire partie de cette grande plateforme qui change la vie, mais leproblèmes que j’ai en tant que citoyen de la côte d’Ivoire c’est de l’argent, je n’ai pas un sou pour nourrir ma famille je suis sacrément pauvre, je n’ai rien à investir s’il vous plaît. mais je souhaite juste faire partie de cette équipe, à qui cela peut concerner Restez béni.

    • Mon ami, d’abord va lire attentivement comment ce business fonctionne. Si tu ne le comprends pas tu auras aucune chance de réussir. Deuxième chose c’est nous qu’on doit croire en toi et pas vice versa???????? On te souhaite tous les bonheurs.


    Bonsoir cher Leader
    Je vous remercie de m’avoir envoyé ce message pour attirer mon attention sur le rôle que je dois jouer à tant que membre de cette communauté. Ce rôle étant l’aide que je dois apporter à mon frère afin de lui permettre d’avoir la chance de réussir comme je le veux moi aussi. C’est la raison pour laquelle je voudrais vous demander d’aller plus loin en me précisant les actions à mener en faveur de mes filleuls pour les aider davantage dans leur quête du bonheur.
    Je vous dis sincèrement que je suis content de faire partie de cette grande famille qui oeuvre pour l’épanouissement de tous ces membres à travers le monde. Encore une fois merci

  32. For ‘me, only to get even a little change in my hardest need’s into my family life.,that I can bring it together beyond of giving changes of bieng part & as one legitimate ‘clubshop parner.,i’thank to God lord this kind of affortunity.,sir/madam thanks very much for being kind with me.,’help ‘me please.!

  33. Errol Calimotan

    I am really amazed by the mission of the Clubshop. I really don’t know how to start here. I don’t have extra money from my salart to be invested here. Please guide me.

  34. Errol Calimotan

    I am really amazed by the mission of the Clubshop. I really don’t know how to start here. I don’t have extra money from my salary to be invested here. Please guide me.

  35. Vana Godiya Vana

    What do you mean by GPS? Is it that I’m gonna purchase something from clubshop? I keep seeing earnings in all your messages, I don’t understand it.

  36. Fidel bolosan

    Thank you to your messages, I understand now the system of our work. I’m sorry if only my interested had dictate to myself. But no one are not need money. So, I feel dismay when I saw my account. Ok! no problem I will work in behalf of our Groups and also for myself.

    • Please read carefully old information that you see in your trial partner control Center. That’s where you find also this information among all the other ones that you also need.

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