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What about you? Are you more microwave oven or star restaurant?

To all of us it has certainly happened at least once in life, but probably an infinite number of times, to look with admiration (or … with envy) those people who always arrive before us and manage to have enormous benefits from a given situation, compared to all other ordinary mortals that always come later.

Have you ever wondered why? We often think of them as simply more fortunate than ourselves. It is not so.

Visionary People

They are merely visionary people, willing to take risks, depending on nothing else than a vision. And that vision cannot be based on tangible facts but the logic common sense and a pinch of entrepreneurial spirit.

These people are willing to take risks, and they do it with pleasure. For sure not with anxiety or fear. On the contrary, they do it with optimism, joy, enthusiasm and, very often, altruism.

They are people willing to accept the typical problems and obstacles of an adventure in which they throw themselves before all others, driven solely by their vision and with full awareness of the difficulties and obstacles that this entails.

Very Often Is Too Late

Then, as always happens, all the others arrive. Those who do not accept the challenges, the difficulties, the failures, the risks are always late. When everything is ready, proven and correctly working. However, very often, it’s too late.

What they do not know is that success is built precisely on these bases and they believe that everything is due and everything must always work with no defects.

Also, above all, they think that everything must happen from one day to the next. Do you think that the first ones would not be happy with this too? We all want things to happen quickly. That’s precisely the reason why humans invented the microwave oven.

Instead of putting ourselves there to cook for tens of minutes or hours, we throw in a plate ready, and in less than two minutes it’s hot. Ready to eat.

The Creation Of Financial Stability

The creation of financial stability and the ensuing comfort and quality of life that ensues, are not made with a microwave oven. They are created in a starred restaurant, instead.

The starred restaurant requires talent, years of preparation, passion, joy, enthusiasm, respect for others. Even love for others, in the sense of enjoying the very fact of being able to give pleasure to others, even before themselves.

What do I mean with all this? I am sure that each of you, depending on your current mentality and consequent attitude towards life, will know how to recognize each other and therefore act accordingly.

If you are not satisfied with the position in which you realize you are, go to the other side.

Enjoy The Journey

That’s when you’ll start to enjoy the journey. Instead of only dreaming about a destination that, if you keep on with the wrong attitude, you will probably never be able to achieve.

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  1. Tiberio Guglielmi

    Io ci sono dentro da diversi anni, nella “vecchia amministrazione” ed ora in quella nuova, tutto cambiato, tutto migliorato alla grande, ma lo spirito è sempre ( per fortuna) quello. Grazie Fabrizio e Giuseppe.

  2. Sylvia

    It will be nice working with a company that has the mass at heart, and I will like to know what my job is, because I am ready to work with you

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