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How you can help us to make your Clubshop Business stronger and more reliable.

In our particular industry, became very dangerous for companies like ours, to blindly trust merchant accounts (companies which allow accepting credit cards payments) and traditional payment processors.

Why this? It’s not a secret that many of them have already destroyed otherwise healthy online companies.

The scam scheme is always the same one: they allow you to start accepting payments through their system for a certain period.

Once you have received a significant amount of payments, they simply freeze your account with no real reason. They just send you an email saying that they cannot continue to work with you and that your funds are blocked for 180 days.

As you can imagine, these people have previously protected themselves with a 100-page unreadable contract, that any way you were obliged to accept just to get started.

And you find yourself in deep trouble. Your customers/members/partners, don’t understand. They don’t want to hear any reason, and they just think that YOU are the bad guy. Not them.

But actually, it’s like blaming the victim of a robbery instead of the robber.

That’s why we’d like to prevent this scam from keep happening, to protect at least our (your) Clubshop business.

How can we do that? The answer is straightforward: using Bitcoin and other cryptos instead of “traditional” payment processors who currently have the real control of our (your) money.

Cryptos are becoming easier to use, safer and popular every day more.

If you’re not familiar with cryptocurrencies yet, you risk being cut off of serious businesses like ours.

That’s why I urge you to start learning more about Bitcoin right now, by clicking here.

Once you have a clearer idea, open your favorite wallet and get ready to use bitcoin because that’s where the world is heading.

Since always, at Proprofit, we are big fans of Bitcoin, Ether, and all other serious cryptos.

And the odds are that very soon, cryptos will be the only means of payment allowed at Clubshop.

Why? Because this is what allow us to pay you guys higher commissions and cashback, faster and securely.

So, once more please: start learning more about Bitcoin right now, by clicking here (you can select your language once there).

And above all, start doing the necessary to be ready to use Bitcoin as soon as possible. You need it!

You can only earn from your increased crypto-awareness.

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