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The GREAT Holiday Season At Clubshop Keeps Going On!

In December, on this post, we launched these Special Offers.

Let me tell you: they got success like never before!

Thank you ALL!

That’s why we decided to extend them for the whole month of January!

We’re sure they can help you get a great 2023 start!

Below you will find them listed again:

  1. All New Affiliates get a -30% One-Time-Offer valid three hours after their registration.
  2. All New Subscribers get the GPS validity extended for one EXTRA MONTH!
  3. All Existing Partners get a 30% discount on GPS Premier Plus upgrade or renewal through this link (Discount applied at the checkout exclusively through this link).

IMPORTANT: How To Get The Offer:


After registration, all New Affiliates will land on a thank you page that informs them of the one-month FREE GPS Offer if they subscribe to their GPS in January.

On the same thank you page, they also find a 3 hours timer to benefit from a 30% discount on any GPS. 

To get the discount, they need to pay the GPS directly on that page before the timer disappears through the available payment options. That’s the only way to get this 30% discount!


The only discount available for existing Members and Partners is the 30% on GPS Premier Plus, and to get this discount, you need to use the link provided above at point 3! 

What about the $500 Cash Bonus for The Premier Plus?

Unfortunately, this bonus is NOT available anymore for GPS subscribed in January.

...And don't forget the NEW GPS SUPER Premier Plus!

In December, we also launched the NEW GPS Super Premier Plus.

It has also been a GREAT Success, and you can still get it!

Click Here To Learn more about it!

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