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What’s the GPS Super Premier Plus?

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The new GPS Super Premier Plus is the same as GPS Premier Plus, but its validity is extended up to four months (six months if you order it now) instead of one.

Currently, and for a limited time, we’re also adding this great FREE incentive to ALL Super Premier Plus Subscribers: 

1 x $155K Guaranteed Sales Advert from "5Billion Sales" FOR FREE!

As soon as "5Billion Sales" reopens the GTS Service (probably in January 2023), we'll have the opportunity to sell this particular kind of Advert. But we reserve one of them for you 100% FREE if you have yet to get one so far and you order GPS Super Premier Plus now. If you already own a 5B Guaranteed Sales Advert, you can assign this new one to another Partner of your choice in your Clubshop lines.
$155K GTS


It’s an exclusive and innovative advertising campaign managed by “5Billion Sales” artificial intelligence, which allows you to set up an advert per our instructions to generate a $155,000 profit from selling 6212 GPS Pro ($24,95 Fast Start Bonus x 6212 = $155,000) automatically.

When this campaign is completed, and you have already received your $155,000 profit in your bank account, you’ll use 34% of it ($52,700) to pay the “5Billion Sales” company for the results they produced for you.

If this campaign produces less than a $155,000 profit, nothing is due to “5BillionSales.” 

If you are the subscriber’s original sponsor, you earn a $124.95 Fast Start Bonus.

If you’re not the original sponsor but the sale occurred in one of your six generations, you earn a TNT commission calculated on a $300 Commission Volume.

NOTE: as we’re paying TNT commissions to six generations in addition to the Fast Start Bonus, we’re not paying the 2% TNT Bonus that we’re usually paying on the other GPS Types.

Can I Pay By Bank Transfer?

If you can’t pay for your GPS Super Premier Plus with VISA/Mastercard or Bitcoin, you can pay with bank transfer using exclusively the IBAN provided below.

Proprofit Worldwide Ltd.
IBAN: GB26HBUK40127674117058

In your payment description, ensure you include your full name and Clubshop ID#.

Never send money to any other IBAN or person who offers you their help.

Please remember that your bank payment will take longer as it will be processed manually once we receive it.

Please email us at [email protected] when you have sent the money to speed up the process.

In your email please include:

  1. Your Full name.
  2. Clubshop ID#.
  3. Date of payment.

IMPORTANT: if you pay from Italy you need to add the VAT. So you need to send: $670.88

($549.9 + $120.98 VAT 22%)

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