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Ancient City walls

To give or To receive. What brings more joy?

The essential point is that receiving should always be a consequence of giving. If this happens, both actions are equally satisfactory.

Ok, but “giving” and “receiving” what, exactly?

Keep reading, and you’ll understand what I mean.

I’ve clear in my mind as if it just happened, this enjoyable experience I got a few years ago.

I was walking alone in the ancient city center where I went for a distensive walk.

It was one of those periods when several aspects of my life were not going well at all.

Guess what? One of these aspects was about money. 😁

I stopped at an ATM and withdrew fifty Euros from my bank account that, as usual in that period, was deeply below zero.

I was quite happy anyway, seeing that beautiful 50€ banknote shining in my wallet.

So, I started to walk again with renewed energy while heading towards my car, parked outside the ancient city’s walls.

I was approaching the arched passageway to get out of the pedestrian zone when I started to hear someone singing one of the favorite songs of my youth; “Blowin’ in the wind” of Bob Dylan.

It was a young guy, probably about twenty years old, with an incredible voice.

Nobody was passing under that arch, apart from me. Nevertheless, this young man was singing with such an unbelievable passion, talent, and transportation that he probably not even realized that I was passing by.

I didn’t stop. But I was totally immersed in that fantastic sound, magnified by the ancient walls all around.

I already reached the street just outside the arch, but I could still hear those magic notes. They were calling me. I stopped to enjoy the moment a few more seconds.

I could only get back and walk towards that talented person.

I went directly to his open guitar case to leave my only banknote. 

I was so happy that I had just withdrawn it a few minutes earlier because otherwise, I had nothing to give him.

Standing up again, I looked at him to say a heartily felt “thank you” for the moment he gifted to me.

I met his gaze a fraction of a second after he had noticed the fifty euro banknote. I will never forget his expression. A spontaneous and immediate reaction that deeply touched me. He has not stopped singing, but his voice has been broken for a moment by a mixture of surprise, wonder, joy, gratitude. I was able to perceive all this in him. At that instant, I simply enjoyed life.

I even got tears. I couldn’t say anything else. I only got to walk back to my car, full of joy and love for life itself, and deeply grateful for the beautiful experience I received. I was thinking about how the world would be a better place if every human being could have the same kind of experience at least once in their life.

Since that moment, everything in my life started to get better. You may think it’s just a coincidence. I know it’s not.

It’s been an eye-opening experience that arrived precisely not only when I needed it most, but also when I was prepared enough to understand its magnificent message and apply it in my every-day life.

Give love, and you shall receive love, and all its magic effects multiplied infinitely.

We can read, study, or listen to all sorts of information about how the universe works and does its magic.

But only once we make the experience of it, we are enabled to perceive the real meaning of certain communications that come straight from the divine to help us becoming become better persons.

And each time we become better persons, the universe rewards us generously.

So, how can we start or keep on this journey of self-improvement?

It’s not that difficult. We simply need to learn to read and discern our emotions.

Because our feelings tell us at every single moment if what we’re thinking or doing is in harmony with who we really are and if it’s leading us toward our real life’s purpose or in the opposite direction.

Then it sounds logical that first of all, we need to have at least a small perception of who we really are and what our life’s purpose is. 

Only once we have this perception, we can become creators and build the kind of life that we want, instead of just reacting to events that we can’t control.

As we must be responsible for our life, feelings, and results, we need to awake our awareness; we must be aware of who we really are.

And this awareness, as Neal Donald Walsch, one of my preferred authors, says, passes through three essential steps:

  1. Acknowledge that each one of us is a soul on a journey with a clear purpose.
  2. Connect with your soul.
  3. Live following the agenda of your soul.

So, before reacting instinctively to outer adverse events, or each time you find yourself hesitating about doing or not doing something, ask yourself:

“What does this have to do with the agenda of my soul?”

Then pay attention to your emotions (read: connect with and listen to your soul) and act accordingly.

I can recall this life’s turning point I described above at any moment. It even helps me to get connected again with that pure emotion and make the right decisions when I need help.

Nothing lets you feel better than a profound feeling of love.

You could even be a billionaire, but without experiencing a constant sense of love, your life cannot be as joyful and fulfilled as it should.

To be permanently in love is the best we can ask for our life. And to be loved is the natural consequence of loving others.

That’s what we often don’t understand. It’s the main human error that causes wars, conflicts, and failures at every level.

We’re too often self-centered and expect to receive without first giving. 

In love, as well as in business.

Giving with love, in a completely selfless way, with the sole purpose of doing something good for others, is the real key to success in one’s life.

I even think our Trial Partner Program is a sort of metaphor for this principle. It also allows us to visualize how the universal law of cause and effect works.

Imagine these principles spontaneously adopted by the average person.

As a Trial Partner, you would be happy just for producing a commission to your upline sponsors and make them automatically happy, while confirming your GPS.

And, if all your Trial Partners where like-minded, all of them would be happy doing the same.

Result: for one commission you gave to your sponsor, you would receive infinitely more every month.

The standard of living of millions of people would be automatically elevated in no-time.

And our noble missions would be attained easily.

Funny huh? 😃

Well, now let’s get off of the clouds, and let’s jump into action: Attract Prosperity With Clubshop!

Fabrizio Perotti

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    To give is better to me, you give away selflessness and recieve gratitude, hope, dreams, love, strength, all are something unobtainable in any other way than from the simple and individual act of giving

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