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You only need one person like you.

But who are you? A whiner, pessimistic, insecure, and negative person?

Or rather a brave, positive, enthusiastic, optimistic, excited, and persistent person?

Are you happy being a follower, or you want to be a leader?

Businessman path

I’m sure you, like everybody else, can easily recognize which ones are the characteristics of a winner vs. those of a loser.

The best part is that everybody can decide at any moment whom they want to be. It’s just a matter of choice.

And I’m sure that everybody would prefer to be a winner instead of a loser. Am I wrong?

I know I’m not wrong. 

So, as you are the only one who can choose who you want to be, NOW is the best moment to take the irrevocable commitment of being the person you want to become.

Start now by acting, in every moment of your day, like the person you want to become.

In 2001 when I became a Clubshop Partner, I took that decision. 

I had just attended a seminar hosted by a “Network Marketing Legend” like Jan Ruhe, where I heard her say something like: 

“why not you, and why not now?”

That phrase remained sculpted in my brain and pushed me to commit to succeed.

I remember me saying to myself, “I’m gonna be a top earner with this company.”

So, the day after, January 31st, 2001, I paid the initial fee plus the first monthly fee, and I upgraded to VIP (Clubshop Partners where called like that in 2001).

I read the compensation plan over and over again. 

I was so excited and determined that I decided to raise one income title per month, up to the Executive Director. 

I didn’t give myself any other option.

I took the irrevocable commitment and started immediately to study and learn everything about this business.

That’s when I planned my 12-month journey following the compensation plan income titles and decided to stick to it all along the way. 

And that’s what I did and how I changed my financial situation in only one year:

Thanks to my work, commitment, and leadership, I attracted other people like me. 

And they attracted others like them. It’s the law. It can only be like that.

Clubshop was booming. Italy became the best-performing Country in the world for Clubshop. Even if we started after all the others, barely any Italians spoke English at that time, and nobody had a credit card to pay for the upgrade.

Everything started from the irrevocable commitment of one enthusiastic, positive, persistent, ordinary person: myself!

I made the difference for the Company thanks to an essential thing that the majority of people don’t understand: my positive mindset and attitude since the beginning.

I didn’t expect to receive the first earnings to start getting excited.

Indeed, it’s been precisely the opposite: I could receive the first earnings only because I was extremely excited and determined since day one.

So, if I made such a big difference for the Company at that time, now that everything is much more comfortable, you can certainly do better than me. Whatever Country you’re living.

So, ask yourself the same thing:

“Why not me, and why not now?”

Then take the irrevocable decision of being a successful person and start acting accordingly.

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Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

Comments (49)

  1. Althia Ellis

    Good morning I am interested in becoming a member however I need to know the requirements on how to become a member.

  2. Angela Walsh-Emovon

    A lot of thought have gone into this organization to serve and help people globally. I have just come in and feeling my way through. I will succeed.
    Thank you.

  3. Ijeoma Ohanasiobi

    Hello, I just joined barely 10hrs ago, and have activated my GPS. After going through the “how it works, I have developed the positive mindset that I must succeed in this program. And I implore those trial partners to try and confirm/activate their GPS in order to benefit handsomely from the ClubShop program.

  4. Arlyn Due Tabcao

    How, I am not proficient to this kind of work.How to know it, please guides me through helping out of this.

    • Hi ???? Sophie! The best thing to do is to log into your Clubshop account and start your FRE Trial from there. It’s the green button that you’ll see on the right side.

    • Hi ???? You should please read carefully all the information in your control center to understand how it all works. When all is clear to you, yes confirm your GPS.


    Salut à tous, je suis entrain de vouloir activer mon GPS, mais j’ai deux soucis au niveau de l’adresse de facturation. S’il vous plaît en quoi consiste cette adresse de facturation? de deux, je n’ai pas un compte PayPal mais une carte VISA pour mes transactions financières. Que faire? C’est vraiment urgent. je vous remerçie

  6. Marilyn Guerrero

    Wonderful message soon I will confirm my GPS. Can I started one step higher than the first membership. Thanks and God bless

  7. Michael Subramaniam

    The truths that you have written on this page truly resonated within me and allowed me to see myself and it’s given me a real insight as to how I came to this business. Knowing that it is my hope that it will give me the insight and motivation to do this business well!



    • Dear Calistus, thank you for your comment. Even the longest journey starts from the very first steps. So first of all start your 30-day free trial. And when you’re happy with it confirm your GPS to start your business. Since then learn everything to become an expert about ClubShop. This will make you grow your enthusiasm and excitement which will create the right mindset you need to succeed widely. Because the action you need will be the natural consequence of your right mindset. The more you know this business the more you love it.

  9. Temitope Oye-Oduntan

    I love this’clubshop’thing, it’s an opportunity I’ ve been waiting for I shall confirm my GPS before 20th June 2020 by his grace, my thumb up for this team,I believe it’true and real.

  10. Hermawan

    hi, I want to know how I can help my team to develop. in my team there are now 92 affiliates and 12 trial partners. can you help me?

  11. AVRIl Morris

    I have started and I’m excited about where this can take me and I’m ready to go. I encourage everyone to activate their GPS and come on board. You have endless possibilities.

  12. Clive Minnaar

    I activated my Premier Plus GPS and am super-excited to work on this new business venture. Before I activated my GPS, I did my due diligence and literally devoured every piece of information on the Clubshop website (including all the videos!). I’m convinced this is the type of business for me…you are helped as you help others. I love this concept.

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