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I’ve understood that certain people are programmed to make money. Others have an inner program that leads them to stay poor. It’s just about our mindset.

I’m certainly not a superior being. I’m an ordinary person, but I always ended to be successful.

Passive Income Concept


Just one straightforward example of what I mean?

I remember when I joined each one of the only two online business opportunities I worked with in my entire life (I underline “two,” in spite of tens or hundreds, which is what many unsuccessful marketers often do).

I was extremely hungry for knowledge. For months, I used to spend my entire day and often even the night, trying to understand and learn every single aspect of it.

I wanted to become an expert at it, and succeeding was all that I wanted.

I was very humble and aware that I was ignorant about all of that, and I was eager to learn from those who started before me.

Especially back in 2001, when I discovered the Clubshop (it exists since 1997).

I understood that it was the best business opportunity available. Still, in 2001, in Italy, my Country, it was very, very complicated to work with it.

Why? for several reasons:

  • First, because the internet was still in its prehistory and only a very few people had computers or access to it. The majority of people did not even understand what the internet was, and they were skeptical about everything around it.
  • No mention credit cards. They were still not very popular at that time, and those who owned one were not willing to take the risk of using it on the internet. So, we were supposed to pay by “money order,” which I had no clue of what it was.
  • Last but not least, only a very few Italians had a decent level of English language, so it was tough for them to understand what this business concept was.

I was so sure that what I found was the best business in the world, that I didn’t care at all of all these obstacles.

I just took the decision that I wanted to succeed — no other options.

So, all became natural. It was natural and obvious that I just had to find solutions instead of complaining, whining, and quitting, as many others did. For example:

  • People had no computer or internet access. No problem, I organized a weekly evening meeting directly on an internet point in the city center to help them to signup.
  • People were skeptical. No problem, I showed them undeniable mathematical facts and let them change opinion.
  • They had no credit cards, or they didn’t feel safe to use it. No problem, I started to look for banks or other entities issuing pre-paid or debit VISA/Mastercard cards until I found more than one.
  • People did not understand a word of English. No problem, I translated the entire website, including the training courses.
  • People were not good at presenting the business opportunity to others. No problem, I organized weekly meetings to give a chance to whoever was interested in listening.
  • I wasn’t a professional or skilled marketer or public speaker. No problem. I didn’t miss a single online meeting hosted by the CEO of the company to learn from him, and I kept studying whatever I could. Mainly to grow-up and become a better person.

People today fail because they’re unable to make a committed decision to succeed.

Yes, today, the average mindset of people is sort of: “let me give it a try; if it doesn’t work, I simply quit.”

That’s why they never succeed. So, these people move from one business to another. But, they don’t realize that the problem, between them and the opportunity, is not the opportunity. Of course, there are also many bogus businesses. But I’m only referring to the real ones.

Once you have realized that a business makes sense, it’s reliable and profitable, stick to it! Love it like your own Company. Set up BIG goals and be obsessed with succeeding. Reserve your business the priority it deserves in your life and schedule every single step of your success. But, above all, never, ever, take into consideration the idea of quitting.

That’s what allows you to attract the thoughts > feelings > ideas > that you need to become wildly successful.

The right mindset is what allows you to attract the right circumstances, people, tools, information, skills, and whatever you may need to achieve your goals.

If you don’t recognize yourself with the above, and you’re not making enough money, you can only blame yourself.

The good news is that the choice is only yours.  You can decide in this precise moment to change your attitude, make the committed decision, and start to act accordingly.

At Clubshop, we can do nothing more than give you the best tools you could ever need to build the passive income of your dreams. But, until you don’t decide to take care of it, using the right mindset, you will never succeed.

You are responsible for your life and the results you get.

Be persistent, continuously involved with enthusiasm, joy, and passion. Be pro-active, positive, joyful, visible.

Your success is just behind the door. Open it!

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Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

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    • Dear Gideon, you are already a Clubshop Member. So, you can log in to your Clubshop account, and complete the second step by becoming a Trial Partner clicking on the green button that you’ll see there. You’ll need to select the type of GPS Trial that you prefer. Then during the following 30 days, you’ll have the possibility to see with your eyes how the business works for you 24/7

  1. Regina

    Well said, has it cross your mind that so many people want to join. But can not since I, the one introducing them can’t even activate my GPS to show them it’s true. You know now a days one has to be careful, since Internet fraud is common.

  2. Enas gold

    Your Message i am interested,I a citizen of Nigeria, i am a very honest and sincere person,God fearing, deligent, discipline and hard working,I came in contact with your clubshop /company,I chose to pray about it,now I want to be a full member.

  3. Khalid Mahmood

    Wow, an excellent write-up and true guidelines to cope with the priorities of life and mission, which would focus by all means and approaches……

  4. Walter Damien Wingu

    Thanks for the information.Iam very interested and would like to learn more about the clubshop and how it works.
    Please send me mor information on how to become a member andnits benefits.


  5. Abdullahi Aliyu

    Thank you very much for the explanation and i really understand but my problem is that i don’t have the money to start. But honestly I’m interested please i need your help.


    I’m so much interested working here in clubshop affiliates & partners but I don’t have money to invest for the business I’m so poor l don’t have some one to help me,please due you help me

    • Thank you for your comment MMEH! 🙂
      Don’t define yourself as “poor.” You can be broke but not “poor.” Being broke is nothing bad, and you need to visualize and plan your shift from broke to rich. Poor instead is a harmful and destructive mindset which keeps you stuck where you are. It’s a situation where you think you can change if others help you.
      But you are the only responsible for your life, your feeling, your result. So, now you don’t have the money to start your business? Instead, ask yourself: “how could I afford to start this business?”. Then find the answers.
      Our mission is not to be a charity to help poor people. It’s much better and nobler. It’s to drastically increase the number of broke people that make a committed decision to become rich. And help them all along the way.

  7. Prince Panet

    After I might have paid in the money that you are requesting from me,then how do I get my money back or better still my income?

  8. I am Moses (MW8587148), I was a trial partner and become a partner. My commission that I received was $439.20. On the 09/01/2020 I paid my subscription to renew my membership but it seems to me that it was not renewed. Can you please look in this matter please because I read your motivations to continue and it is very helpful. I want to encourage everyone that is already a member, don’t quit because a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

    • Hey Moses! Thank you for the great comment! I 100% agree with the statement: “Quitters never win and winners never quit.” It’s an undeniable truth.

      I just checked your situation, for what I see, this seems to be your GPS Renewal Date: January 18th, 2020. I see also that you confirmed your GPS on January 9th, which was almost at the end of the trial period; that’s why the first renewal day was just a few days later. So, as it has not been renewed on the 18th, you are in the grace period since that date. As per the system works, the GPS renewal date remains the same as it was the expiration of the Trial Period. I hope I’ve been able to explain, otherwise please let me know.

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