Earnings payout and Total Mental Resilience

Dear Clubshop Member,

I have 2 important things to talk about today:


1) every month, several partners ask us this question:

Why didn’t you send me my payable commissions before the 21st of this month as expected?” 😀👍

In addition to this question, in the same message, people (not everybody luckily) often add all types of negative things, including insults, intimidations, defamations, etc., etc… others quit and delete their membership. 🙄

It’s a pity because, in 99% of the cases, it’s not our fault, and the answer we gave them is the same one:

“Dear Partner, we just checked your situation and noticed that even if your previous month’s total payable commissions’ balance was higher than the $10 threshold, we couldn’t send your earnings because you forgot to set up your commissions’ payment preferences page.

So, your commissions’ balance has been reported to the following month. We invite you to set up your commissions’ preferences page right now so that we can send your money on the next payday.”

So, if you still have to provide us with your preferences or edit them with your updated contact details, or PayPal, bitcoin, or other account info, please do it now and not later than the end of this month! It’s a simple two-step thing.

In the first step, you need to type at least one of your messenger usernames (Skype, Telegram, Facebook, Whatsapp), and in the second step, you need to paste the account ID# where you want us to send your earnings.

Unfortunately, even if setting up the commissions’ preferences page is one of the first things we ask new members to do, only a few do it. It is also repeated in the GPS Essential Training. But only a few have gone through this vital course.

This kind of attitude, which shows how people don’t take their business seriously, also explains the lack of results certain partners experience.

Give your Clubshop business the priority it deserves in your life, and soon you’ll start to reap the results you deserve.


It may seem incredible or funny to many, but the situation explained above is just one of the many excuses many people use as “good reasons” to give up. Even if they had not actually started yet.

Yes, unfortunately, most people crumble in front of the first minimum obstacle or adversity they find on their way. The minority instead (those who succeed) use those same adversities to boost their motivation to attain their precise goals.

And goal-setting willingness is another big topic that sets winners apart from quitters. But it’s not the only one.

One of the essential components that 100% of successful people have in common is RESILIENCE!

The capacity to stand up again after a hard fall and keep running even faster towards your crystal clear goals!

Every day, I really feel sad to see how many people cannot manage adversities in life. This is a huge problem for the entire humanity. It’s certainly not a Clubshop members’ problem.

That’s why I think the very first thing people should do even before starting an online business, or any other important venture in their life, is to work on themselves to build a TOTAL MENTAL RESILIENCE!

You need to gain total mental resilience not only to become wildly successful with your Clubshop business, of course. You need it for every aspect of your life.

That’s why I just made available an excellent FREE REPORT that you can download right now to start discovering more about becoming resilient and consequently extremely prosperous.

With this FREE REPORT, you’re going to discover The 8 Secrets To Develop Mental Toughness & Stay Strong. And, particularly:

  1. The importance of developing supreme mental toughness.
  2. The science behind mental resilience and how it impacts your life.
  3. 8 effective ways to build mental toughness quickly.

Once you understand that resilience is an essential aspect you need to enhance if you want to improve your lifestyle and live a fulfilling life, I’m sure you’ll become very interested in this topic and you’ll want to learn more.

Well, you’ll have this opportunity in a few seconds: Download the FREE REPORT and start your journey to developed supreme mental toughness.

Fabrizio Perotti,  Clubshop Rewards

Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

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  1. Ibrahim


    Boss, don’t mind me.
    I have a lot of attention somewhere. Have patience for me. I know as time goes on, possibly there will be a way to the freedom anticipated.
    Thank you for the concern

    • Reply

      Hmm…I’d love to. But if you had earned at least $10 in payable commissions in January and you had set up your commissions’ payment preferences before the end of the month, the odds are that you already received them. Please check your account.

    • Reply

      Sure I agree with you. In that case, the real reason they don’t understand is that they are not motivated enough or too lazy to dedicate a few minutes to read the information available. We have people having great results even if they don’t speak English and they not even know how to use a computer. What makes the difference once more it’s just the mindset of a person.

  2. Reply

    hi this is charles cole and Im a clubshop partner and have tried all of the payable -commissions and was not sueecsful with them can my monthly commions be tranferd to my bank wire thank you clubshop

    • Reply

      Dear Charles, at the moment we’re not sending money to bank accounts. We’re currently trying to find a good solution to do that soon. Currently, the bank fees are too high for this international wire transfers, and we should charge you a $35 fee each time. If you are happy with that, please let us know, and we can do it.

  3. Love Kaika


    Hollow Iam from Papua New Guinea, and I don’t have Bitcoin account but I have my bank account will it be possible or do i have to register a Bitcoin account your comments please.

  4. Christine Onocki


    I personally loved clubshop. I think it is an awesome opportunity. I had been layed off work and feeling like a big zero. What got me was something fabrizio had said. It was a quote from the bible about loving your neighbor and sharing the wealth. It was about raising up the poor man .so i joined!! Then upgraded , i almost had to upgrade again because commissions kept staking up. I emailed and coached my team. I loved it. Only 1 thing……. When the commissions didnt come and no bonus no nothing came… I again had no way to provide and had to make a descion.. My 80 dollars for subscription put food in the fridge. I congratulate and wish clubshop the upmost best success..

    • Reply

      Hi Christine thank you for your comment. That’s precisely what this post is about. Perseverance is based on mental Resilience. With no resilience that cannot be perseverance. And with no, there is no success. It’s always like that in every aspect of life. Not only with Clubshop.

  5. Reply

    J’ai l’idée de faire ceci mais je ne suis pas encore voyagé aux États-Unis d’Amérique Pour cela je ne suis pas trop intéressé avec cette activité là

  6. Corazon Javier


    Good day sir/maam..how can I claim money I dont have yet bank account..only GCash APP..

  7. Reply

    Truly i don’t understand the whole issue of this Clubshop how did i get here, i don’t even know how this commission is all about,how do i earn it. It’s very difficult to follow it if you could elaborate more to me, otherwise am totally lost in the Amazon forest, please give me more details on this Clubshop commission,

  8. Reply

    I thank you for all your hard work but am still waiting for my commission because I have never received any dain since my registration as a member
    Thanks my regards to everyone

  9. Leonard Namufinda


    I’m so happy to hear this news I will submit all my details as you have instructed me to do

  10. Tiberio Guglielmi


    Il problema che riscontro non sta nei Trial Partner, Affiliati o Partner nuovi, specie quelli reclutati personalmente da Partner che adottano sistemi non proprio in linea con la politica della Club Shop Rewards. Ma sta proprio da quei Partener, che magari arrivano da altre realtà “lavorative” più o meno lecite, ma con sistemi di reclutamento a turnover massiccio. Facendo promesse e illudendo persone che credono di fare soldi in pochissimo tempo. Poi naturalmente delusi , non criticano chi li ha reclutati, ma criticano Club Shop Rewards. Quando invece sappiamo che Club Shop Rewards è una piattaforma serissima e legale. Per questo sarebbe auspicabile dei corsi formativi per i Partner nuovi, sulla comunicazione. E se possibile contrastare chi utilizza Club Shop Rewards per fare man bassa di nominativi, giusto per fare numeri rapidamente e di conseguenza guadagnare cifre importanti , anche se durasse solo qualche mese. Ma recano un grande danno alla Club Shop Rewards. ( quest’ultima parte so che è difficile realizzarla).

  11. Reply

    <> That may be true in most cases. However it is not true in my case. I have done exactly as mentioned here on day 1 (Dec. 20, 2020) as can be verified by the admin or other responsible person of the management. I am yet to see my earnings of Jan 2021. Resilience toward earning profit in a business is one thing; but when the administration fails to pay what is owed, (and doesn’t care to respond individually when the member/”partner” brings the fact to their attention) there is no question of resilience. It is a question of gaining trust. If a borrower fails to repay even the interset, will you continue lending money to the borrower?

    • Reply

      Dear Muthu, thank you for your comment. On the one hand, the fact that you started your business on January 20thn and you already had earnings in January is FANTASTIC!
      On the other hand, I’d love to check your situation to understand if it is really as you say because Clubshop reward has been paying millions of dollars in monthly commissions for more than twenty years to Partners worldwide. So, rest assured you won’t be the first one not to be paid.
      Please let me know your Clubshop ID# and I’ll be glad to verify what you’re saying. So, if any error occurred in the payout procedure it can be immediately solved.
      Anyway you know we have a great support team available to help you 24/7.
      I look forward to your reply with your ID#. Thank you!

  12. Reply

    So far, I think it’s awesome even though I’ve not received any commission yet, but I’m hopeful and determine to succeed in whatever I do. All that I need is guide lines,step by step to reach the top. Thank you.

  13. tarek aboalela


    عاوز اعرف العمولات المعلقه اخرها ايه وكيف ساحصل عليها انا الان في البرنامج المجاني لمده 30 يوم هل ساحصل عليها ومتي ساحصل عليها ممكن تفدوني لو سمحتم ولكم مني جزيل الشكر

    • Reply

      Please read carefully all the information you have in your Clubshop Account related to the Trial Program. It explains clearly the difference between “pending commissions”, “payable commissions,” and how pending commissions may become payable.

  14. Abosede Onarinde


    How do I pay my GPS as I want to be an active member and partner now, thanks.

  15. Lucky talented


    Hello please can you help me out I want to set up my payment commission and they said that I should upload my profile picture and I did that and they said that it unable to upload

  16. Reply

    Saya melihat di pendapatan bulanana (Tertuna + hutang) $1.013,45 tapi mengapa pada tanggal 21 belum juga dapat pembayaran…?
    dan pada tg20-3-2021 saya naikan menjadi member GPS PRO PLUS mengapa tidak kelihatan berjalan
    mohon bantuan dan penjelasannya, login saya [email protected]

  17. Reply

    Help me do something better in my life. this is my first time job with an affiliate business. please need more help from you. thank you!

  18. marco medina


    quiero empezar ahora mismo pero es mucha informacion que debo procesar primero
    y entender el negocio
    pero me gusta

  19. marco medina


    quiero empezar ahora mismo pero es mucha informacion que debo procesar primero
    y entender el negocio
    pero me gusta!!!

  20. Шавкат


    Здравствуйте, я совсем потерялся, я не знаю, с чего начать, может добрый самаритянин мне поможет, пожалуйста, спасибо за сотрудничество. Помогите мне сделать что-нибудь лучше в моей жизни. это моя первая работа в партнерском бизнесе. пожалуйста, нужна дополнительная помощь от вас. благодарю вас!

  21. Reply

    Why do you not send me my pending commission to payable commissions
    It’s totally unfair
    I am Toqeer from Pakistan
    This is my email address
    [email protected]
    I activated my GPS with 29$ but no
    Profit I received
    Plz return my 29$

    • Reply

      Please read how it works. Go through the training and learn. Mainly understand the difference between pending Commissions and Payable and Commissions. And how pending Commissions may become Payable or not. Ignorance is never an excuse.

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