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Here at Clubshop, since the conception of the Global Partner System (GPS), we have had one only mission in mind: 

To build extraordinary lives for ordinary people.

Because we know that 97% of people worldwide are underpaid or not paid at all, and they are not living the life they deserve. 

But most of them already have a job and a family to care about.

Consequently, they don’t have much extra time to devote to a second job or a business.

And anyway, only a very few would have the courage or big capital to risk leaving their current job and start a new business on their own.

Furthermore, only a very small percentage of them have particular skills or knowledge that would allow them to start and succeed in any kind of business.

It means we are talking about fulfilling a specific need felt by at least 4,850,000,000 (it’s four billion, eight hundred fifty million) internet users.

Our Contribution.

At Clubshop, we’re heartily doing our best to give our active contribution to fulfilling this need humanity has.

But, in a certain way, we made a big mistake that could limit people’s opportunity to make big money.

Why? Because we had to consider more the universal law of compensation. Which is probably more understandable as the natural law of sowing and reaping or as (Luke 6:38) “Give, and you will receive.”

Like all universal laws, the law of compensation works in 100% of cases, just like the law of gravity. 

The law says:

“you’ll always be compensated for your efforts and contribution, whatever they are, in fulfilling some other people’s needs.”

Now, keeping the above in mind, let’s think for a moment at our GPS basic concept again:

The GPS is a complete marketing and CRM system dedicated to building, virtually on autopilot, a global market of customers for every GPS subscriber’s Clubshop Mall to help them build a significant monthly passive income.

When reading about this concept, we understood that the vast majority only retain this part: “…on autopilot.”

And they completely forget about the most essential part of the GPS concept, which says: “ help them building..”

As a result, on the one hand, we often see sponsors telling other people to become GPS subscribers because they only have to pay and do nothing for the rest of their life to make money.

And, on the other hand, angry people that, after just a few days from their subscription, send us all kinds of insults because they say they “invested” for nothing.

So it’s quite evident our mistake in communicating the GPS concept to the world.

What’s Your Contribution?

Please, ask yourself: “am I actively contributing to fulfilling any human needs if I only have to sit back and wait for my money to drop into my account?”

The answer depends on your current situation. 

If, for example, you worked as a doctor for 35 years and now are a retired person, you deserve to enjoy your life and receive your monthly pension in your bank account without having anything more to do for that.

Because you already gave and now you are receiving. You sowed, and now you reap.

What if, let’s say, you started your Clubshop Business (“BUSINESS,” not investment) a few days or weeks ago, and so far, you just sat back and waited for the earnings? What kind of contribution or value did you bring to the company or the people? Do you think the law of compensation should reward you for that?

Again: the GPS concept says: “to help you build…” – which means we can help you if you do something. We can’t help you very much if you do absolutely nothing.

The GPS could help you even if you’d do absolutely nothing. 

But, of course, in that case, you need to be much more patient and give GPS the time To work for you month after month. 

But in that case, the compensation law can’t help you much because you are against it. It’s like swimming against the current of the river. But it’s your choice.

Much better and faster if you actively use the GPS tools we designed to help you. 

Because it is true that the GPS automatically performs all the most complicated, time-consuming, and difficult tasks that a normal person wouldn’t like or wouldn’t be able to perform.

But if you don’t put your human touch on it by doing your best to build good and genuine relationships with your teammates using the tools we included in your GPS, the compensation law cannot push you towards success.

And it’s a shame! Because you could become wealthy much faster and have much more fun all along the way by interacting with your fellow humans.

You don’t know how to do that correctly?

Take one or two lessons per day of The GPS Essential Training, and in about one month, you’ll be a GPS authority, able to help people become wealthy, too.

Deo Juvante.

Fabrizio Perotti.

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