Live the life you deserve. Don’t be left behind.

As a Clubshop Partner, soon you could be able to earn a massive monthly passive income produced worldwide by the daily consumption of millions of meals, groceries, clothing, travels, and whatever else you can imagine.

Wouldn’t it be great? 

Well, it’s precisely what the Clubshop project is all about.

As I explained in one of my latest webinars, we’re moving through six different phases of the project, and soon, we’ll switch our Compensation Plan to a profit-sharing model. 

It means that if you become a Clubshop Partner by activating your GPS now, you’ll be in the best position to take advantage of this epochal change.

Why? Because we want to reward mainly people who show bravery, faith, loyalty, and persistence!

We’re bringing to light a revolutionary but proven system and strategy with the potential to improve countless lives all over the world.

Why not YOU?

I’ll host a new webinar in the following days to show how the new profit-sharing projection tool works.

This tool will help you understand how much you’ll be able to earn once we switch to the profit-sharing model.

So, if you are already a Partner, start to dream big.

Act NOW!

If you are an ex-partner or not yet a Clubshop Partner, I advise you to activate your GPS Now to be part of the Clubshop Financial Freedom revolution from the very beginning!

Soon you’ll understand your Freedom depends on your bravery, faith, loyalty, and persistence.

You’d better act now to avoid crying later! 😉

Deo Juvante!

Fabrizio Perotti, Clubshop

Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

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    • Aileen Tolop


      I’d tried so many times to activate my clubshop but couldn’t get through. I need help here please..

  1. Simona


    Clubshop…un network rivoluzionario, innovativo, unico nel suo genere. Impossibile non innamorarsi di questa grande opportunità di business.

  2. Tiberio Guglielmi


    Quasi dalla sua nascita ho sempre aderito sia ai cambiamenti che alle trasformazioni del gruppo, indipendentemente da guadagni. Ho sempre dato la piena fiducia al progetto, specie ora che è in ” mano ” a due geni , che hanno e stanno trasformando questo Business in qualcosa di veramente unico nel suo genere. Dispiaciuto per chi non ha saputo dare il giusto valore al progetto , ma sempre propositivo e generoso verso chi desidera un cambiamento sia mentale che economico, che Club Shop Rewrads sa dare a chiunque lo voglia veramente.

  3. Jaime Aquino


    Les agradezco ante mano todos las solicitudes de aprovechamiento en su club que me ofrecen pero les reitero mi cinceridad que en lo económico ando al día pero en la primera oportunidad les enviaré una respuesta positiva gracias y excelente tarde

  4. Barry Egan


    Hi, my name is Barry Egan but you can call me Bazza, i am a disabled aged pensioner & i live on a very limited government pension so i have to ask, will this cost me money.

  5. Elijah Mutughian


    How do someone pay or deposit his money to start the process with the company

  6. Elijah Mutughian


    And if I activate my account how do I pay and which process that is my only route of confusion

  7. Leonard Namufinda


    I’m willing to activate my GPS but I don’t know how to do it will you please mind to help me and show me on how to activate my GPS my name is Namufinda Leonard

  8. Reply

    Dios le bendiga a todos, me siento muy contento por pertenecer a esta gran familia. Familia por que se preocupa de tu futuro, de tu progreso y de tu situación económica ya que es un flagelo que nos preocupa a todos. y en este grupo congregado es una gran proyección para poder dormir tranquilo asegurando nuestro futuro.Dios bendiga y le de larga vida a los inventores de este excelso proyecto y que el Espíritu Santo le ilumine cada día mas agradeciéndole esta gran ventana para el progreso de nuestras vida. éxitos

  9. favour


    I have joined clubshop in a while but I don’t how to activate and how to start. please help me out

    • Late Lawson


      click on the red button “confirm your gps” from your trial partner center

  10. George Ouma


    Am willing to join but don’t know how to activate my GPS and earn

  11. Reply

    Меня это так сильно интересует, но я никогда не понимаю, как активировать свой GPS и как заработать деньги, поэтому мне нужны пояснения.

  12. Uwanogho Maro


    How can I activate my GPS and earn need some hint thank you so much

  13. Osoyade Segun Gbenga


    I’m so like the platform, very interesting but l don’t know how to activate my GPS and how to earn money, pls teach me pls.

  14. Ekwenchi Fanny Stella.


    I did wish to re – join only that I forgot my password and could not activate my GPS and my membership number please

  15. mer gatus


    MY question is same others how to activate my GPS and how it works to earn.

  16. Reply

    As a partner to the club shop I am so interested and looking forward to it. Thanks a lot to the club shop and I’m proud to be a partner.

  17. Reply

    Thank you I’m nervous and excited to see how this works and optimistic only cuz the scams I have been threw lately. Here’s to a better life and a new beginnings

  18. Kudzaishe Chiwara


    I really need to know how to activate my GPS and how to earn the money.

  19. Reply

    Thank you I’m nervous and excited to see how this works and optimistic only cuz the scams I have been threw lately. Here’s to a better life and a new beginnings. With new friends and guidance this is going to be amazing

  20. Emmanuel G Chikohomero


    Thank you Club Shop, i appreciate all that you are doing for us, my challenge is on activating my GPS, i need your assistance so that i can progress in all transactions.

    • Late Lawson


      click on the re button confirm your gps from your trial partner center

  21. Reply

    I’m so interested in clubshop platform but my concern is how to activate my GPS, can someone please tell me how to achieve that for me to become a member.

  22. Judith


    Please how can I activate my GPS? I have been longing to be an active member. How can I start. My name is Judith.

    • Late Lawson


      click on the red button “confirm your gps” from your trial partner center

  23. Samira abubakar


    Pls I need more clarification about d club shop and also the activate of GPS

  24. jocelyn Tero


    I want to be a partner but my problem is on how to activate my GPS, Im jocelyn

  25. Godwin chimenka


    Please can you talk more on the business, what is all about.also how can i activate my GPS? Godwin

  26. TO


    fiera d’essere in club shop. ho capito da subito che questo network era e sarà la mia fortuna, la mia pensione ,la mia salute . grazie Fabrizio

  27. Florence Jacobs


    Please my name is Florencea I from Nigeria I don’t know how to activate my GPS

  28. Ibekwe Chukwuemeka


    I appreciate all your efforts but am having problems in activating my GPS I need your assistance thanks

  29. Reply

    Hi my name is magreth Geises i am from OTjiwarongo in namibia,
    i so interested and i am i looking forward to it.
    can you pls let me know,

  30. Fanny Stella Ekwenchi


    Please I need to activate my GPS, My name Fanny Stella Ekwenchi.

  31. Reply

    Buongiorno Fabrizio
    Grazie di tutto, ringrazio anche a Salvatore intagliata che mi ha dato spiegazioni semplici per poter iniziare a sognare una vita più facile di prima.
    Grazie anche a Rosa che ci da tanto materiale per studiare
    Ho risposto alle persone che hanno chiesto aiuto non so se ho fatto bene o male ,comunque se vogliono attivare il GPS con te gli dico di contattare te io solo posso spiegarli come possono attivare il GPS .

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