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When a Company starts to be successful often attracts enemies.

This annoying fact may happen for many reasons, such as envy, jealousy, unfair competitors, personal interests, or people who previously had some terrible experiences somewhere.

Many times, they are just simple people involved unsuccessfully in any other sort of thing. So, they use to act as parasites in other groups, desperately spreading negativity, to get visibility and recruit people for their worthless “opportunity.”

Of course, on the one hand, honest and constructive suggestions or criticism are always welcome and helpful to improve a business like ours.

But, on the other hand, slanders and parasites are useless and harmful. They need to be identified to protect other partners’ businesses.

Once identified and isolated, they lose all their charge of artificial negativity and, in some instances, can even be legally pursued and brought to justice.

We also want to believe that sometimes people are not necessarily in mala-fide. Often, they just didn’t take their time to learn carefully about the business, or they read and remember only the parts they like. 

So, they react badly, moved by their temporary negative state of mind, due to their lack of knowledge.

Whatever reason may push these people to slander our business, we’ll always do whatever we can to protect it, on behalf of all those members and Real Partners who trust in us and to whom goes all our immense gratitude.

Case 20200316 - from Facebook Group

Below, I’m going to answer each part of this post made by a “partner” on our Facebook group recently. This same “partner” had been previously caught while bothering and spamming other Clubshop Partners, to solicit them about some sort of business or similar.

I voluntarily put the word Partner between ” ” because it’s not paying a monthly fee that makes you a real, trustable and reliable Partner of the company.

Please click on each section below to see the corresponding reply.

Of course, there is no refund and this is well stated in our “Refund Policy”.

Why is this? Because we erogate the service that you’re paying for instantly and you start to use it right away.  You also receive all the COOP Shares.

Instead what is 100% fair, is the fact that we offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATIONS 30-DAY GPS TRIAL PERIOD. 

So, everybody can try and understand deeply how the entire business works (not only the GPS), before taking any decision.

Furthermore, you know that once you are a Partner, your GPS pending commissions become instantly payable as soon as some of your Trial Partner confirm their GPS. And you’re really happy about that. Aren’t you?

Cool! Now, imagine if that same person who confirmed and used their GPS, now asks the refund.

Obviously we should get in touch with you and ask you to refund us of that commission that we already paid to you.

Would you be happy? Would you really send us back the money?

This is totally false. Not only all the information and real-time reports you need are always available through your Partner dashboard and YouTube channel. We also have the support team, and the official groups on Facebook and Telegram, where if you ask question kindly, you’ll find other fellow partners willing to help you.

And, above all, have you ever found another company in this industry, where even the owners put their face and are personally available and active in the official Facebook and Telegram Groups to interact directly with their Members?

This is false, too. Because if you contacted our support team, they always reply directly to your ticket, not with an email campaign.

Instead, the “philosophical speech” you’re talking about, was emailed to the entire base of Clubshop Members. Obviously it has nothing to do with the ticket you opened at our support.

By the way, in your Clubshop Dashboard, you have the link to the “COOP Status” report updated in real-time. Which is where you can always see the information you may need, about the delivery of your COOP Affiliates. This link is very visible, right in the middle of your dashboard, and clear to understand. 

You bought a GPS Pro, and a few additional COOP shares. Your “COOP Status” report, as explained above, as well as the “Personally Sponsored Members” report, tell you always in real-time, what the COOP System is doing for you.

First it’s important to clarify one thing: Clubshop Membership is 100% FREE. What you paid is the first month subscription to our product GPS Pro: $49.90

Second: these are OUTSTANDING results generated by GPS, and you should jump and celebrate for such an unbelievable situation! Instead, you are not even grateful to the company for that.

To make it more clear: you confirmed your GPS Pro on February 29th. Then you ordered five additional COOP Shares on March 1st and the other five on March 4th.

You immediately got these fantastic results that you’re listing here. Even if you did anything at all on your side; did you get in touch with all these members we produced for you, and help them to understand anything and to get started? 

Because that is your job to perform through your GPS Pro.  

Still, only a few days later since you started, on March 16th, you are complaining and spreading negativity like that???

In any other business in this world, getting this same result without moving a finger like you did, is a dream for everybody! 

And here you are complaining. This is the most grotesque part of all.

Then, obviously, as you said, after 2 or 3 days your GPS (because it’s so effective) already delivered all the Affiliates included in the shares that you hold. It’s normal. And that’s precisely where, instead of being so negative, you should have focused your effort in helping those affiliates to become active. Instead with your actions, you’re doing whatever your can to let them go away.

I think you need first of all to learn what Network Marketing is and how it works. Its principles, its philosophy, its strategies, its history. 

Until then, you should probably be a bit more humble and ask (kindly) any question you may have.

Personally, when I’m quite ignorant about a certain topic, and in need of help, the last thing I’d do, would be to go and insult any expert in that particular thing because I would certainly result to be ridiculously wrong and for sure nobody would be willing to help me. But, that is me.

Above, I already replied about the same point: that “speech” that you received was indeed sent to the entire base of Members. 

You didn’t receive it as a reply to your question to the support team. It had nothing to do with that, and I’m sure that you are perfectly aware of that.

So, all that you’re saying again here about getting a “bad image” because of that email you received is a non-sense.

Instead, that message that you define as a “speech” was part of my job, which include explaining the vision and philosophy, which animate and led us to create this fantastic business.

I think this part also shows clearly the mala fide that pushed you to write this post, especially when you say: “let the members work so hard struggling to build their own business.” 

Considering that you already have such a big organization without having moved a finger…again, this sounds a bit grotesque.

And again, we never leave anybody alone. As I already said, we offer all kinds of live support, especially to our Partners, who are the real engines of the whole business.

But, above all, I’m sure that it doesn’t exist any other Network Marketing Company, where there is such a high degree of automation. An exclusive automated system that allows Partners to reduce their work to the extreme minimum.

Every human being with an average intellect, reading these lines, can understand that a business like ours wouldn’t stand on the market more than a few days if we were a sort of evil like you’re painting us, “manipulating ideology to trap you in.”
Instead, Clubshop is on the market since 1997, and it is here to last forever, despite these childish attempts of slandering us.
What you are saying here, shows how your anger (or simple mala fide) obfuscate your capacity of reasoning completely.
And, all this for what? Because our support team didn’t answer your question within a few hours? Really?
That sounds a bit weird, considering that your question what all but vital.

If we also consider that you just needed to look in the middle of your dashboard to find the answer you needed, well, I’ll avoid any further comment and wish you a better life, free of anger, dishonesty, and envy.

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Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

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      Just activate your GPS immediately then see how your GPS works for you to earn income month per month. God bless us Ll

    • Read and understand, Select the GPS that is affordable to you and take on the 30 days trials and see how it works, then activate your GPS to become a full partner.

    • Probably your 30 day trial period has expired? Or you confirmed your GPS? If the latter is the case then you need to look at your dashboard reports because as a partner you don’t have any more to trial partner control center pointe

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