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Is Clubshop Rewards an investment site? The answer is: NO! 

Clubshop Rewards business is not a place where someone promises you an ROI on the money you should decide to pay for the services we sell like the GPS, for example.


It’s essential to understand the context fully before even decide if you want to become a Clubshop Partner or not.


Clubshop is the highest form of evolution of Network Marketing. But it remains Network Marketing in its ADN.


Just because Network Marketing is the best people’s business concept ever conceived.


It indeed has many depreciators, to not say, enemies. Why?


For the same reason: “it’s by far the best people’s business concept ever conceived.”


It’s also true that in the “traditional” network marketing industry, many businesses had or have several aspects that the vast majority of people hate. 


These bad aspects explain why so many people had a bad experience in Network Marketing and quit.


Just a very few bad aspects that we erased: 

  1. Having to create a list of friends, relatives, acquaintances to bother non-stop until they start to hate you.
  2. Fear of rejection, nobody likes to hear many NOs. Even less when these NOs come from people you know personally.
  3. Having to attend weekly meetings, presentations, seminars, training, etcetera.
  4. Having to sell products that cannot be of interest, not even for your mum, despite all the love she feels for you.
  5. Perceiving that your acquaintances buy your products or join your business, not because of their real interest, but because they feel pity for you. Hence, they never become active and quit without even get started.
  6. Having to dedicate a vast portion, if not all, of your free time to a second “job” instead of spending quality time with your family.

Of course, loads of people in the Network Marketing industry don’t care or even love these kinds of aspects.


That’s why they’ve been able to overcome the first, most challenging part of their business, and move to the most pleasant ones until they became wildly successful leaders. But they’re just a small bunch of Supermegaheroes not duplicatable by the vast majority of ordinary people.


At Clubshop, we understood what made Network Marketing such a bad experience for so many people. And we reinvented it. 


We only kept the very best parts of it and eradicated the bad ones.

Now, the entire journey to success is much easier for everybody and infinitely more pleasant.

Nevertheless, it’s fundamental to understand that we can’t do miracles yet. 


GPS is not a guarantee of success. And if you don’t run YOUR Clubshop Business with the right mindset and attitude, you fail. 


There’s no way for you to achieve success if you don’t love this business with all your heart and persistently act accordingly.


Our Clubshop Partners have a different role compared to the typical Network Marketing distributors, but not less important: they’re supporters, fans, ambassadors.

A Clubshop Partner’s role is very similar to that of a smart football team’s active supporter.

You know, if you heartily support a football team, for example, first of all, it is because you love it. You love its players, colours, history, and whatever concerns it.


That’s why you pay a ticket to see its matches every weekend, or you have a monthly pay-TV subscription.


Of course, when your team doesn’t play good and lose a match, you’re not happy, you can be frustrated, angry. But you don’t stop loving it and, especially in bad times, you support them even more. That’s when your team needs you and your support even more. 


If you are a positive, faithful supporter, you are the additional component that can make the difference during a difficult match.


And, when your team wins the entire championship, it’s because the whole team, you included, did the best job possible.


Your unique job as an active supporter is to spread happiness, positivity, excitement, enthusiasm, love towards and around your team.


That’s precisely your role as a Clubshop Partner, too.


Again, as a Clubshop Partner, you are, above all, a supporter.

The difference is that as a football team’s supporter, the maximum result that you can achieve is to help that team (which is not yours) to win a championship or a trophy.


Instead, as a Clubshop Partner, you have the real opportunity to become wealthy by supporting thousands of teammates worldwide to have a better life. You’re sharing our noble mission.


The wild financial success you’re going to have is nothing more than the natural consequence of your genuine love for your teammates.


Bear in mind: all the positivity and love you’re able to spread in the universe will come back to you multiplied under multiple forms. It’s the Law.

Are you wondering where exactly you could spread positivity, excitement, enthusiasm, and love, about your Clubshop Business?


Well, our Facebook and Telegram groups are the perfect place where you can start.

How? Here you have a few examples:


  • Ask real and constructive questions when you don’t understand something.
  • Answer other member’s questions and concerns with a positive, enthusiastic attitude.
  • Invite your teammates to join our official groups and interact positively with each other.
  • Start interesting and constructive conversations.
  • Don’t hide behind a fake name or photo. You can’t be credible if your help comes from an unknown entity.
  • Be proud of being part of this community and let other people feel it.
  • If you’ve got a GPS Pro or superior, often communicate with your teammates, using the GPS communication tools. Please offer your support, invite them to meet you in our social groups.
And always, before doing any action, take a deep breath and ask yourself: 
“Is this going to help the Company, my team, and myself to succeed? Or, is it going against the Company and my team?”

Have fun while you build your business!

Share the truth!

Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

Comments (55)

  1. Smith Jones Inoussa

    Good morning sir. I have received your mail for your program of marketing Development individual.I am very happy to ne with you for work.I understant your assistance in this program .I need your help for more information about this application. Thanks you for your assistance.


    I quite see the prospects and also the optimism, but want i do not quite understand is, how does the GPS work, and how long do shop owners have to wait before the profit matures and also cash outs

    • Thank you for your question Tonata. That will happen after you’ll have started to bring value to the company and your teammates, your result will be the direct consequence of that.

      • Hi Daniel! You can use PayPal or Bitcoin as an alternative to a Credit/Debit card. About receiving your earnings, depending on the country where you live, you can select one of these options: PayPal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, AdvCash. For sure you can receive money in at least one of these payment processors.

  3. Barry Ofuafo

    Well I want to thank you for this noble information I invested without knowing this is all it takes to belong.

  4. Isaac Mbanongun Tswakpe

    This is quite educative and motivating. Any Network marketing that is not seen as a long term venture in Planning, thought and actions will not deliver the desired dividends…

    • If you’re a Trial Partner that’s absolutely normal, Petong. Please read carefully old information that you have in your trial car in the control center and you will see that everything is well explained. Probably is just because some of your call sponsors

  5. Sharon Gwizo

    thank you so much for your explanation, I have now understood the whole concept. What I want to ask is as a club member I dont have the cash now to buy the GPS is it possible for me to purchase the GPS when get the cash? and how.

  6. John Wani

    OK, thanks for your information. Now I have about $60 payable commission made in the last three months and not paid to my Advcash account. But you said clubshop is paying payable commissions monthly.
    So we wait until payable commissions reach $1000 then you will pay or how?

    • Hi John, thank you for your comment. Clubshop pays every month when the total of your Payable commissions is above $10. So, if for example, the total accumulated until February was above $10 you’ll receive that amount before March 20th. The payable commissions generated in March will be paid at any moment between April 10th and April 20th.
      Hope this helps.

    • Yakub Musa

      After activate GPS I become member for live or only for one month? And how can I know someone has activate his GPS before me

      • Thank you for your questions. Membership is FREE for life. GPS instead is a monthly paid subscription. there are different types of GPS, you can choose the one you prefer and even change it later.

  7. Владимир Михайлов

    Привет всем! Я очень рад что стал членом этой отличной команды!

  8. Well this is a very interested start seeing here so I’m interested still no WhatsApp I’ve been in here and I want to make a life a business a good start you are my life go this early enough money it would help me out a lot

    • Thanks for your question. It’s quite straightforward. For example; say your payable commissions on June 30th are $225 and you want to renew your GPS Pro automatically. Then system deducts $49.90 from your balance and you receive $175.1

  9. Caleb Oyedele

    I have activated my GPS for almost a week now. But i still find it difficult to understand the whole process. In the Dash board page I saw Commissions earned = 259.9 dollars, Commissions lost 179.8 and Earning balance = 79.9 dollars. I have paid the activation fee of 29.90 dollars but its like i have not been activated till now because under the bear in mind notice i saw that the 79.9 dollar will only become payable when i am activated. Please what do i do?

  10. Caleb Oyedele

    Find below the message on my page.
    Bear in mind: your commissions listed above go to the “Payable” column instantly, if you have already activated your GPS when your Trial Partners will activate theirs. Otherwise, if they confirm their GPS before you, the corresponding earnings will be forfeited.

  11. Edward Williams

    I love this business from the get go. Clubshop is so ideal for people like me and millions more who are not tech savvy and are struggling to find success in the online business.

  12. Julia Morkel

    I activated my GPS with Basic, the one that I can afford. But it seems like it is only from Pro and Pro Plus that one can start earning and become a real member to get pay outs.

    • Thank you for your comment. Rest assured that nothing disappeared. You just need to look at your new dashboard as a GPS subscriber. And look at your income report there. But first of all complete your GPS essential training did you find the linked in your dashboard.

  13. Ya saya sangat senang komunitas clubShop ini, dan saya baru saja menaikan GPS saya ke Pro dan untuk selanjutnya saya mohon arahan dan bimbingan dari ADMIN atau rekan rekan untuk menuju sukses, Terimakasih

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