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The New “Community Contribution” Concept

Our business has a logic utterly different from all what you may have seen before. That’s why it works.

As requested by the ethical aspect of our business and by its logic as well, it’s vital that all sponsors even if they are not pro-actively working, could be useful for the entire community and themselves.

We are then introducing the concept of “Community fee” to give much more strength and stability to your business. It means that once your monthly income grows, your GPS subscription type changes accordingly. Are you happy with this strategical change?

Rock-solid stability

The above ensures that everyone gives an appropriate contribution, depending on their Clubshop current income, assuring the whole community a never-ending growth and rock solid stability. Isn’t that exactly what you really want?

We already included this concept in the new Cubshop business since the very beginning.

But, as we always want to keep meager the number of rules that manage this business, it was left to the common sense of each partner to decide when to upgrade to a higher GPS Subscription.

People from all walks of life

We realized it was wrong because we have to face reality: as the majority of people who join our business are people from all walk of life, they are not used to think and act like skilled entrepreneurs.

So, they usually tend to look at their immediate interest, instead of being focused on medium and long term goals and, even less, on their team’s medium and long terms goals.

Effective, Fast, Ethical

That’s why we think that our average partner needs to have their business optimized even in that vital aspect, which is the management of their progression through the Clubshop income titles.

So, with the new “community fee concept,” we want to help you all to pursue this progression in the most effective, fast, and ethical way possible.

Lead by example

Do you need a simple example of what is not ethical? Here you are:
Let’s say you are following the logic of this business, reinvesting part of your Clubshop earned income to upgrade your GPS. You do that because you know that with a higher GPS you can support much more your entire team (downline AND upline) and move faster through the income titles as a consequence.

But your upline partners instead of being the ones who led you by example, they don’t do it even if they are probably earning more than you.

So, what happened is that you are doing the right thing, but you are not happy because your upline partners are not supporting you and the entire community satisfactorily, as they are only earning on your shoulders without putting enough participation on their side.

Lack of skills, not mala fide

Most of the times, this wrong upline sponsors’ behavior is only due to lack of skills, not mala fide.

Nevertheless, it could be harmful to the entire community, so a solution was urgently needed.

You’ll love all this

I think we found it and I’m sure everybody will love it! Do you know why I know that?

Well, I don’t need to be a clairvoyant.

It’s just because you certainly prefer to have an entire downline packed with thousands of Premier Plus Partners instead of GPS Basic.

And this will be the logic consequence of all the above.

Do you want to have an idea of how much you can make per month with a GPS Premier Plus downline in place? Click here and play with the earnings calculator.

Click here to see how we put into practice the new community fee concept.

Share the truth!

Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

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