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Differences in Financial Behaviors Between Rich and Poor

What differentiates the rich from the poor is not the amount of money each has. The difference between the rich and the poor is the lack of financial knowledge and, consequently, the way of thinking that leads them to address economic problems oppositely.

A rich person may temporarily be without money, but they will have it again. A poor person will never have it enough until they decide to increase their knowledge and change their mindset.

The rich do not spend the money they earn on useless items that lose value and generate additional costs, such as any kind of superfluous thing bought on credit that does not generate profit.

The poor do.

Short-Term Pleasure vs. Long-Term Investments

Yet, the rich buy many more superfluous and luxurious items than the poor and always have more money to spend on these things to enjoy the life they deserve. How is this possible?

The basic reason is simple.

For example, we have two friends: Gino Poor and Pino Rich.

Both find themselves with only $19.90 available.

Gino Poor says: “What do I do with $19.90? I’ll indulge in some personal pleasures like a pizza and a pack of cigarettes.

Pino Rich says: “I will use this $19.90 to start my online business and produce money to spend on personal pleasures like a pizza and an educational book every month.”

The Importance of Asset Building


Gino ends up with zero money every month.

Gino $19.90 – Pizza and cigarettes $19.90 = Gino $0

Pino, on the other hand, grows his asset column each month (an asset is anything that can generate income, including one’s financial education) by adding value to his asset.

Pino $19.90 – Advertising $19.90 = Profit $30 – Advertising Cost $19.90 = $10.10 Net profit

Moreover, Pino’s asset column has grown by $19.90.

The following month, the same behavior repeats:

Gino Poor spends $19.90 on pizza and cigarettes and ends up with zero money.

Pino Rich could even do nothing. Instead, he decides to invest $19.90 in advertising for his online business again, increasing his asset column and cash flow at the same time.

Month after month, Pino Rich continues to increase the value of his assets column, which automatically generates a growing cash flow month after month, which allows him at the same time to continue to invest more and more in income-generating assets and spend more and more on superfluous and luxurious things, using the proceeds generated by his assets, avoiding to use his capital, which remains intact.

Achieving Wealth Through Financial Education And Rapid Decisions.

Now, the question might be: “What business could Pino Rich have ever started with $19.90 only?”

Simple 😉: he opened his Online Clubshop Mall FOR FREE and invested $19.90 exclusively in advertising to get his first customers and affiliates to whom Clubshop offers the same opportunity exploited by Pino himself.

In this way, the advertising budget for Pino Rich’s shopping center can grow infinitely, thanks to the powerful strength of the entire Clubshop fe-commerce movement where with only $19.90, everyone can contribute to growing advertising campaigns that can continue to generate new customers and affiliates for everyone over the course of weeks, months, and years in an endless cycle that renews itself.

Pino, like his entire team that has gradually formed, can decide whether to reinvest or not another $19.90 every month or whenever he wants to accelerate the process of building the global market for his shopping center.

Today, Pino Rich already finds himself with a market of 10,000 people that continues to expand worldwide. These people generate, on average, $1 commission per month to Pino, thanks to the regular shopping that they do in the shopping center to earn cashback and save.

Moreover, Pino Rich has earned about $100,000 thanks to the commissions derived from the advertising packages bought by the same people in his market.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Except Gino. He still has difficulty buying his pizza and cigarettes.

🫵😊 Which character do you feel closer to? Gino or Pino?

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Fabrizio Perotti

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