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Clubshop fe-Commerce. We’re excited like never before!

As widely announced over the past few weeks, we will unveil the new Clubshop fe-Commerce Business Plan in just a few days.

We are working tirelessly to launch it on September 1st, at least in its essential components. Then we’ll rely on our loyal partners’ ongoing feedback to keep improving it and inform us about possible glitches they could find while operating on the field.

We prefer to start now, even if not everything will be perfect, instead of waiting for the utopian day when everything is perfect—knowing that procrastination and indecision are the parents of failure.

Clubshop fe-Commerce. The new vehicle to consistently speed up our mission journey.

In this post, I’m not entering the details of the exclusive fe-Commerce concept we created. If you want, you can quickly learn something about it on this page.

You just need to know it’s the new fantastic vehicle we’ll keep using in the following years to continue the journey towards the same noble mission Clubshop has had since 1997.

Clubshop fe-Commerce. Two separate plans to cover every person’s needs.

Now Clubshop offers two separate plans that work in synergy to satisfy everybody’s needs and boost the results of each other thanks to dynamics never seen before.

  1. The Clubshop fe-Commerce TNT FREE Global Market.
  2. The Clubshop fe-Commerce VIP Plan.

The first one listed is for everybody.

The second one is for the restricted number of people willing to operate in the Internet marketing industry in a structured and professional way, using the exclusive and advanced SaaS they can subscribe to at Clubshop; the new Clubshop Global Partner system or GPS, which also qualifies them as Vested Income Partners or VIP automatically every month.

– Clubshop fe-Commerce. The TNT FREE Global Market

This is the Clubshop’s core business. The upcoming manifestation of our initial dream, which resumes in our motto, “Savings for All, Earnings from All!

It means to elevate people’s quality of life by enabling worldwide consumers to save money on their everyday shopping and simultaneously earn money on other people’s daily shopping.

ALL FOR FREE and with no strings attached!

It’s fantastic, isn’t it? So, the question is:

How does the Clubshop TNT Free Global Market work?

Thanks to the new FREE fe-Commerce concept and the unique Taproot Networking Technique (TNT), invented and improved by Clubshop throughout the years since 1997, all Clubshop Members benefit from each others’ efforts, amplifying each individual’s results infinitely.

Picture just one thing above all: whatever you may buy among millions of products or services sold by thousands of big-name stores and, soon, even local retailers, not only allows you to save money through cashback, coupons, and dedicated special offers but it also opens your right to earn on the purchases made by an infinite number of consumers who, just like you, are saving money on their habitual shopping.

Can you see the incredible income potential generated for you by this win-win-win situation?

Winner #1: The fair retailers that spoused our ethical movement are happy because:

  • A) Clubshop members support them by choosing them for their daily shopping whenever they can.
  • B) They can keep earning money from their customers and thousands of other people they do not even know, even when their shops are closed. All with no upfront cost or investment.

Winner #2: Consumers are happy because they can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on their usual shopping.

Winner #3: As a savvy consumer, you are super happy because you can earn commissions on the habitual shopping of an infinite number of people worldwide.

– Clubshop fe-Commerce. The VIP Plan

We know that a specific type of person is not satisfied by letting things happen passively.

They want to be proactive; they’re not afraid of learning new things and actively contribute to creating the future they dream about.

And they want to make things happen faster by helping us spread the word about the fe-Commerce concept worldwide.

This kind of people, which we estimate to be around an average of 5% of the population in free countries, are also happy to help the remaining 95% by setting an inspiring example and helping them boost their income.

They’re willing to do that even more if they are rewarded with an additional and deserved income stream that rewards their efforts generously.

The above explains why GPS subscribers can also benefit from the exciting Clubshop VIP Business Plan, which we exclusively reserved for them.

The VIP plan has a fantastic compensation plan that allows VIPs to use all the GPS tools to achieve clear, attainable, and extremely exciting income goals month after month.

And, whatever VIPs produce in terms of results for their VIP Plan, they simultaneously boost the result of all the Clubshop Members who are part of the Clubshop TNT Free Global Market, including themselves.

Helping also to build the fe-commerce brand awareness worldwide.

Once more, this is fair, ethical, and solidarity.

What’s the new GPS Price?

In the past, we always considered the GPS Premier Plus subscription, sold at $249.90 per month, as the correct price.

But, as our vision is to make the business affordable to everyone worldwide, we created six subscription packages. Starting with the cheapest one at $14.90 per month for the GPS Basic.

We understood all these types of GPS were creating more confusion than anything else. So, now we changed pricing strategy.

With an exception for the emerging countries, which I’ll explain later, now we only offer the full version (that we’ll simply Call GPS from now on), at the following conditions:

  • $150 for the first month.
  • $50 monthly renewal starting from the second month.

The first-month subscription comes with ten COOP Marketing Shares.

NOTE: At any moment, VIPs and Clubshop Members can order COOP Marketing Shares at the Clubshop Outlet, which not only helps us to speed up their business-building process, but also generates TNT Commissions for the Clubshop Free Global Market.

Cool! Isn’t it? 😉

VIPs Requirements

For the new Clubshop fe-Commerce concept, to avoid the same errors of the past, we would like to restrict the possibility of getting a GPS Subscription only to those who are part of that estimated 5% of the population I briefly described above.

But firstly, it’s not possible to identify these people. Secondly, it would sound like a sort of discrimination which obviously is not what we want.

So, we can only rely on people’s common sense.

And we are more than happy to welcome everyone as a VIP if they can think about themselves and honestly answer YES to all the questions below.

The 10 VIP Selection Questions

To ensure optimal use of your GPS, please provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you agree that your success stems from an initial and unwavering commitment to triumph over obstacles throughout your journey?
  2. Are you aware that financial freedom isn’t attained without effort and work and that outstanding results require dedication?
  3. Do you agree that passion, enthusiasm, and joy serve as your driving force on the path to success, without which progress is limited?
  4. Are you cognizant that genuine success necessitates patience and persistence, rather than being achievable within a matter of weeks or months?
  5. Do you recognize that significant achievements often arise from past failures, and are you equipped with the resilience to embrace setbacks?
  6. Are you open to humbly acknowledging that, even with substantial experience in other fields, mastery in your business requires a thorough understanding of its nuances?
  7. Are you willing to generously invest your time in aiding others without expecting immediate returns?
  8. Are you conscious that hesitation and procrastination can lead to failure, whereas swift and resolute decisions underpin success?
  9. Do you understand that consistently shifting from one opportunity to another increases the likelihood of failure, and that steadfastness is pivotal to success?
  10. Clubshop prioritizes its members’ interests and expects reciprocal prioritization, particularly during challenging times. Do you endorse this stance?

Did you succeed in your internal test?

If your response is YES to all 10 questions, we extend a warm invitation to become a Clubshop Vested Income Partner (VIP) and enroll in the GPS.

If, instead, even a single response is a ‘NO,’ we’re more than happy to welcome you as an enthusiastic member of our FREE Clubshop TNT Global Market explained above. We’re confident that it will still bring you significant satisfaction!

However, please bear in mind that when we use the term “Partner,” we genuinely mean it. We seek authentic “Partners” who wholeheartedly and sincerely champion our noble mission. We are not merely seeking individuals interested solely in financial gain, without a genuine and enthusiastic backing of our fe-Commerce movement.

If the above resonates with you and you’re in agreement, let’s proceed and embark on creating the most exceptional people’s business ever envisioned.

Your positive responses are a great sign, and together, we can make this vision a reality.

Let’s embark on this journey with determination and enthusiasm. Let’s go build something amazing! The Clubshop fe-Commerce.

Deo Juvante.

Fabrizio Perotti

P.S.: …in case you’re still wondering, “Clubshop fe-Commerce” stands for “Clubshop Fair & Ethical Commerce.” 😉

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Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

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