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Dear Clubshop Members, I want to ensure that you are aware of the INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL of our newly launched initiative of Fair Pricing for emerging countries.

Fair Pricing: A new world of opportunities for everyone!

This initiative unlocks a world of opportunities for everyone, including existing and incoming Affiliates and partners worldwide.

It’s not just about paying an 80% discounted GPS – it’s about empowering billions of people to start their businesses instantly and affordably.

This fantastic operation is financed by the products we sell in other countries at full price and by the company reducing its margin even further.

Fair Pricing: An ethical and solidarity concept.

It’s an ethical and solidarity concept that brings the entire Clubshop community together to create powerful synergies among millions of people and companies on five continents.

If you are already a Partner, think about how many affiliates you have in your pools who are residents of emerging countries.

You probably have several thousand, and your team will continue to expand rapidly in the coming months.

If you still need to become a Partner and reside in one of these emerging countries, don’t waste another second: activate your Fairly Priced GPS NOW!

From concern to gratitude.

Previously, some Partners expressed concern about receiving too many affiliates from emerging countries who needed help to afford a GPS.

But now, things are different! And these concerned people can be extremely grateful!

Every affiliate from these disadvantaged areas will receive great help to change their lives and those around them.

They can quickly build a local business and simultaneously develop their Clubshop business globally. And so can you!

So, I urge you to get excited, start dancing on the table, and do whatever you can to spread wealth worldwide.

We will continue working hard to add value to the GPS, the 3D Shopping mall, its savings opportunities, and anything else that can make your life as a Clubshop Member easier and more enjoyable.

So, stop reading and jump into action!

If you’re not a Partner:

 Activate YOUR GPS NOW:

If you’re a Partner already:

Get in touch with ALL Your EXISTING Teammates personally, and ensure they know and understand the magnitude of this initiative!


And, in any case, join and be active in the Clubshop’s Telegram and Facebook Groups!

Together, we can create a better future for everyone.

Deo Juvante!

Fabrizio Perotti

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