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To have a clearer vision of your business’ income, please see the following resources:

Bear in mind that your Clubshop business is different from any traditional business based on sales.

Considering a single sale commission, it’s not very helpful to let you perceive your income potential as a Clubshopper.

We designed TNT FREE Global Market to help you build, month after month, a vast global shared market for your Clubshop Mall, with minimum dedicated effort on your side.

You can play with this first calculator to set up your ultimate goal.

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My goal is to achieve the following result by December 31st 202…

Why Do TNT Commissions Change During the Month?

This is a valuable aspect of the TNT system!

Your income report always displays the generation in which the sale occurred.

The generation in green represents the generation in which the commission is initially calculated and the one you’ll receive if no other qualifying purchases happen in the generations between you and the Clubshopper who made the purchase.

The generation in red indicates the position of the Clubshopper who made the purchase.

For example, if you see “1st” in green and “4th” in red, it means the sale occurred in your 4th generation, but Clubshoppers in your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations haven’t made their qualifying Clubshop monthly purchase yet.

Now, your commission is credited at the 1st generation TNT Commission rate.

But, let’s say during the same month, the Clubshoppers in your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations each make at least one qualifying Clubshop purchase. Fantastic!

Not only do you earn three additional commissions, but even the initial commission, initially calculated as a 1st generation commission, will now be recalculated as your 4th generation commission, with a higher rate: 14% of the commission volume, instead of 4%!