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With Clubshop fe-Commerce, whether you are a Free Clubshop Member or a VIP, the answer is YES!

You can succeed because the Clubshop fe-Commerce is based on two separate compensation plans that are totally independent but designed to boost each other’s results.

Both are created to build momentum over time thanks to the incredible leverage effect they generate in building your Clubshop Mall’s global market.

Picture this essential fact:

In any traditional business, you are alone in producing results for yourself and the company you work for.

It means that your income is based on 100% of your own efforts. Which is very “risky.”

Why? Because you need to work like crazy to produce a decent result. And, if you’re not very good at what you do (which nobody initially is), you won’t get appreciable results. And if you don’t produce decent results, especially during your first months, they could even fire you.

Instead, thanks to the Clubshop fe-Commerce business model, your income is leveraged. It’s based on 1% of 100 other people’s efforts.

And, even if initially they (and you) are not very good at what they’re supposed to do as Clubshop Members, they are certainly able to produce that little and easy 1% they should do as FREE Clubshop Members.

And what are they (and you) supposed to do as responsible and loyal Clubshop members?

The answer is straightforward: to support the ethical and fair companies that trust in us and our fe-commerce movement by preferring them as much as possible to satisfy your shopping needs (…not to buy things you don’t need).

And even just buying one of their products or services once a month, by choosing among millions of products and services available, will qualify you as an “active” Clubshop Member. As an “active” Clubshop Member, you automatically get the right to earn commissions on your entire Clubshop Mall’s Global Market.

So, the question is: Are you and your teammates able to purchase at least one product a month when you also know you earn cashback coupons and special offers at thousands of Ethical & Fair shops that not only allow you to save money on everything but also allow you to earn money on other fe-Commerce members’ purchases?

The answer is: YES, 100% of us are able and, based on common sense, also willing.

The magic of Clubshop’s fe-Commerce leverage effect

We said that to gain the right to earn income from thousands of people worldwide, you don’t need to invite anyone to join or invest anything. You automatically earn this right when you purchase at any of Clubshop Mall’s retailers and earn cashback, even from just a single purchase in a month.

It’s more than fair. Isn’t it?

Your success keys:

Support our Ethical & Fair vendors generously.

If, per what we just repeated above, you are not obliged to invite anybody to get the right to earn an income from your Clubshop Mall’s Global Market, how can you even have someone in your Clubshop’s Global Market?

Well, again, we trust in people’s common sense. Let’s say, for any reason, you don’t want to invite anybody to join our Fair & Ethical movement. No problem!

Our exclusive and proven TNT (Taproot Networking Technique) works for you.

Statistically, it’s proven that ordinary people naturally tend to use their common sense positively.

For example, if you know, because you personally did the experience, that thanks to the Clubshop fe-Commerce eco-system, you’re saving money on your usual shopping, would you keep it secret?

Don’t you think that if you’re positively amazed by the money you saved, you would naturally tell that your spouse, siblings, closest friends, or whoever is still wasting money because they don’t know fe-Commerce yet?

Well, maybe you want to keep the secret for who knows what reason. And it’s fine. But, even tough, two things will happen:

  1. FREE Spontaneous Duplication: Statistically, other people who form part of your same Clubshop’s TNT Global Market will undoubtedly inform others about FREE fe-Commerce, either by word of mouth or by marketing the fe-Commerce concept online or offline. And, once new incoming people are aware of the same FREE fe-Commerce privileges because they personally did the experience, they’ll tend to use their common sense too. That is enough for you to rapidly see the expansion of your global market thanks to our exclusive TNT.
  2. VIPs contribution: Clubshop Vested Income Partners or VIPs are those Clubshop Members who not only want to be “active” Members but also want to operate in a more professional way to help the fe-Commerce movement development because they love Clubshop’s fe-Commerce concept and mission. So every Clubshop Member, at any time, can decide to purchase a Global Partner System (GPS) subscription, to instantly get the Clubshop’s exclusive turnkey Marketing and CRM Platform that provide them with all the advanced tool they need to operate professionally but with the minimum effort to build even faster their and other people’s FREE Global Market. It means that all the results VIPs generates thanks to their work with the GPS, will contribute to expand also YOUR TNT FREE Global Market. VIPs have a great additional incentive in helping you, because they also have the right to earn an additional income stream called “Leadership Income.” If you want to know what this leadership income looks like, please see the VIP Compensation Plan.

Team spirit at work: The powerful 1% of 100 other people’s efforts concept.

If there Is no walk, there is no perception of the things that need to be done. 

Infinite Intelligence, 5/1/2013 at 6.33.

Let’s say your goal is to achieve the goal we’re often giving as a practical example: to tap into a FREE Global Market of 10,000 consumers who earn cashback and other savings on their regular shopping. Forecast, they’ll generate a $1 monthly average commission for you.

Suppose you had to create a 10,000-people’s market with 100% of your effort.

In that case, you should invest, risk and lose loads of money in marketing and advertising, plus an infinite amount of time to learn about marketing and advertising and then to put in practice what you learned.

Odds are you would not even start.

Now imagine the compounding effect generated by the minimum spontaneous action of 100 satisfied fe-Commerce consumers that refer, on average, only 1 Free fe-Commerce Member per month:

Month Your Global Market of FREE Shopper MembersEach Refers AverageIncoming Monthly ShoppersYour IncomeAverage Monthly Commission
Above, you see the text columns titles of the table shown in the image below (for easy translation purposes):

Table Explanation

In the table above, you see an example of what happens when an existing Clubshop FREE Shopper Member informs 1 person per month, on average, about the fe-Commerce benefits we explained on this page.

In this same example, we consider a $1 monthly average commission produced by each of them

As you can see, 140 Free Shopper Members referring only 1 new Shopper during their first month generates 140 additional shoppers in your fe-Commerce Global Market, which brings to 280 the total of your Global Market’s Members.

So, in the second month, you have 280 Shopper members referring only 1 new Shopper, which brings to 560 the total of your Global Market’s Members.

And so on the following months. The example above shows that based on the average effort of 1 new FREE member per month each (it means someone will refer zero Shoppers, others will refer 2, 3, 10, or hundreds), during the 8th month, you achieve and overcome your initial goal of 10,000 Members for your fe-Commerce Global Market.

And, based on the more than realistic $1 monthly average, your monthly income would surpass your $10,000 Monthly Passive Income Goal.

Smart TIP: if a Shopper Member is not sure what to buy among millions of products and services inside the Clubshop Mall, and wants to make it even easier to refer 1 (or more) new Free Shopper Member in a month, they could decide to order one of the beautiful and useful QR Code customizable items available at The Clubshop Outlet. This will result in:

  • a 10% Cashback,
  • The “active” Shopper requirement achieved
  • TNT Commissions for their Global Market Teammates
  • And, even more important, an easy way to register anybody, even offline, as a Free Shopper Member without the minimum effort.

NOTE: The table below will also explain why we started this projection from 140 Existing Free Shopper Members in your Global Market.

The BIG Questions!

You’re probably wondering at this moment:

Why did you show the above projection, supposing I have 140 FREE Shopper Members in my Global Market? And how on earth could I ever have 140 Shoppers in my Global Market if I don’t invite anyone.”

The answer is straightforward: TNT (Taproot Networking Technique)

Thanks to TNT, you are included in a shared global market formed by People Helping People, as per the Clubshop Mission, since 1997.

This means that when other FREE Shopper Members in your Market refer others, these incoming people may also be part of the same Market and start the duplication shown above.

This concept manifests itself even more thanks to the active contribution given by our wonderful Vested Income Partners, who, thanks to their Global Partner System (GPS) marketing and CRM platform and their enhanced commitment to contributing to the fe-Commerce movement development, are enabled to generate even more FREE Shopper Members for your (which is also theirs) FREE Shoppers Global Market.

Not only that! GPS keep reading…

GPS Subscribers COOP Advertising Entitlement.

Their GPS Subscription comes with 10 Advertising Cooperative Marketing Shares we automatically assign them the first month of their subscription.

Each COOP Share corresponds to two FREE Clubshop Members when this lesson is written.

So, 10 COOP Shares x 2 = 20 Free Clubshop Members automatically added to their (and yours) Global Market by each VIP who is part of your Market!

Smart TIP: as a Free Clubshop Member (Or, as a GPS Basic Subscriber if you reside in an emerging Country as listed here) you too can order Cooperative Advertising Shares if you want a very easy life while expanding your Global Market 📣)

So now, based on the above explanation, you’re able to understand the table below and see with your eyes how easy may be to start your FREE Global Market Expansion with 140 FREE Shopper Members.

MonthYour Global Market of FREE Shopper MembersEach VIP Gets these FREE Members from COOPIncoming Monthly ShoppersYour IncomeAverage Monthly Commission:$1.00
Above, you see the text columns titles of the table shown in the image below (for easy translation purposes):

Table Explanation

In the table above, you can see how a GPS Subscriber in your team automatically receives from their first month GPS Subscription their 10 Cooperative Advertising Shares, which produce at least 20 Free Members for their and, in this example, your FREE Shopper Global Market.

As per the VIP Business Plan, a VIP has a first easy, attainable goal: select six Personally Sponsored FREE members (received from the coop or any other source) and help join their VIP Team with their personal GPS Subscription and coach them to help them succeed.

Their six new GPS subscriptions will automatically add 60 COOP Shares (120 Free Members) to their (your) team, for a total of (20 + 120) 140 FREE Members in your team.

That’s why your income projections above started from 140 Free Shopper Members.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? 😉

Easy Ways To Register FREE Shopper Members

When you have to gift someone instead of asking them for money or time, or whatever else, it’s effortless, quick and fun to build a great business and income.

So, for those who want to speed up the manifestation of the income shown above, the opportunity to give away FREE Clubshop fe-commerce Membership are countless and only limited by your fantasy.

  • Your Clubshop Mall Gateways: as a Clubshop FREE Member, you have fewer landing pages to use than GPS Subscribers, but nevertheless, you still have great and effective pages like this sample one that you can give people to register for FOR FREE and instantly start to earn Cashback, coupons, and special offers at countless big-name store, and local retailers.
  • Clubshop Rewards Mobile Apps: You can install and advise anybody to install the Clubshop iOS and Android apps through your referral link.
  • Your QR Code: you can download and print your QR Code. People can scan it and register in a few seconds.

Clubshop Apparel And Customizable Items: Using the Clubshop Landing Page QR Code available on your Clubshop dashboard, you can increase the visibility of your landing pages even offline and grow your Clubshop business without any effort. Wear your business style proudly while sharing our noble missions with no effort. So, you can promote your business and register Personal Clubshop Members to contribute developing your Global Market with no effort, every time you hang around with your great Clubshop style! Examples of QR Code customizable items:


To gain the right to earn income from thousands of people worldwide, including the shopper members generated by the VIP Team, you’re not obliged to invite anyone to join or invest anything.

You automatically earn this right when you purchase at any of Clubshop Mall’s retailers and earn cashback, even from just a single purchase in a month.

With Clubshop fe-Commerce, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself!

All you read in this lesson is great, transparent, easy to understand and fun to put into practice.

We’re sure your joy, enthusiasm, and passion will make the difference in the velocity you will attain all your goals.

And the more you share your excitement in our online community by interacting positively with your fellow members, the more you’ll boost it, and the faster you’ll achieve all your goals. One after the other.

So, it’s not about “will I be able to attain my goals?” It’s about “when will I attain my goals.”

Always keep in mind the success formula: Have Faith, Follow the path, Never Give Up!

Deo Juvante.

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