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What kind of emails does the Clubshop system automatically send to different types of members?

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The Clubshop system sends different types of emails to different types of members, including

  • Shopper Members
  • Affiliate Members
  • Partners
  • Merchant Affiliates
  • Affinity Groups

For each type of member, there are different categories of emails sent:

  1. Notifications about events that occurred in their business organization, such as a new affiliate joining, a new pending commission earned or lost (if Trial Partner), a new payable commission earned, new GPS sale, new Clubshop Mall sale, GPS renewal reminders, and more.

  2. Programmed emails with helpful content that may be inspirational or tutorials about various aspects of the platform or links to video series such as season 1 of “Attract Prosperity With Clubshop.”

  3. Newsletters to keep members informed about platform enhancements, Clubshop Mall special offers, new blog posts, and whatever can be helpful for every type of Clubshop member.

The frequency of these emails depends on the type of email being sent.

Affiliates may also receive regular updates about their commissions and account activity, while Trial Partners may receive emails about the benefits of upgrading to a paid membership.

The Clubshop does not provide a list of messages that are sent out because the messages may change at any moment.

However, all communications are always designed for the maximum benefit of the category of members.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about the emails you are receiving, please contact the Clubshop Support Team for assistance.

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