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Is it a Ponzi? A pyramid? A HYIP? A ciapa-ciapa?

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In an Internet landscape plagued by scams, it’s normal to encounter misinformation (and often arrogance) from some people who might remark, “This seems like a Ponzi scheme to me.”

Be lenient with these individuals because they do not know what they are talking about 😀

However, you have a choice: to leave them in their misinformation and presumption or to explain to them the following, with love:

Clubshop fe-Commerce is a global movement that promotes fair and ethical trade based on the principle of savings and earnings for everyone, without anyone having to pay or invest anything.

A Ponzi scheme, on the other hand, is a form of fraud that attracts investors and pays profits to earlier investors with the funds of more recent ones. This type of scheme relies on a constant influx of new investors to survive and collapses when this influx dries up or when investors lose confidence.

Therefore, Clubshop fe-Commerce is not a Ponzi scheme because it requires no initial investment, does not promise unrealistic returns, and does not rely on a non-existent source of income.

On the contrary, Clubshop fe-Commerce offers consumers and businesses the opportunity to save and earn on millions of products and services provided by thousands of online and offline partners.

Subscribing to the Clubshop Global Partner System or GPS is a service that allows you to have your own online shopping mall with hundreds of stores from big brands, an automated business-building system, an advanced Marketing and CRM platform, and comprehensive training on the profession itself.

Moreover, GPS qualifies you as a Clubshop Partner, and in addition to allowing you to earn monthly commissions and passive income from the consumption of millions of people worldwide, it also enables you to sell subscriptions to the GPS platform itself and earn direct (and, if you want, override commissions too) based on your personal commitment.

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