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Internal SPAM Policy

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At Clubshop, we don’t tolerate SPAMMERS and any other sort of time-wasters.

To protect Clubshop Members’ privacy and fight internal spam, we have a system to moderate the mailing sent out by Clubshop Partners to their team.

By “Internal SPAM” here we mean all kinds of messages that are not strictly related to the Clubshop business, or that contains information or ads, or links to unrelated topics.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When a Partner sends out an email, the system is alerted, and the messages are filtered.
  2. The mailing is sent out only after approval.
  3. If refused, we don’t send out the message, and we archive it as proof of policy violation.
  4. When we reject a message, the Partner responsible for the breach receives the first warning.
  5. At the second warning, we suspend the spammer’s GPS until its renewal date, and no commissions are credited to their account during the suspension period.
  6. At the third warning, the spammer membership is terminated, and all kinds of existing commissions and credits are forfeited.

Other forms of SPAM:

Any other form of spam or towards Clubshop Members may cause the immediate termination of your Clubshop account with total loss of all commissions and credits.

External SPAM (all kinds of unsolicited or undesired electronic messages sent out to promote Clubshop) may be punished in the same way.

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