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How do I withdraw my earnings from Clubshop?

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Clubshop helps you build a growing passive income since 1997

The most common question we receive is likely, “How do I withdraw my earnings from Clubshop?” This is a positive sign, as it demonstrates that individuals recognize the potential to earn actual money from the outset.

Since 1997 we have regularly paid all our entitled members and partners every month.

How it works:

  1. Please set up the account to receive your monthly earnings (Cashback and/or commissions) before the end of the month.
  2. Check your Clubshop Wallet regularly to see how your earnings are growing.
  3. When, in a given month, your payable commissions balance is higher than $10, you can be sure that you’ll receive your commissions on the account you provided before the 21st of the following month.


  • If your payable commissions balance at the end of the month is under $10, your earnings will accumulate in the next month.
  • Failure to properly set up your account and complete your profile by month-end will result in your earnings being deferred to the following month.

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