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How do I earn Cashback?

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The procedure for making purchases in the stores of the 3D Clubshop Mall is the same for all the shops.

  1. First, you need to be logged into your Clubshop account.
  2. Then, click on “shopping” and enter the shopping center.
  3. At that point, by clicking on any store, your ID is recognized as a Clubshop member.

Your cashback will be deposited into your Clubshop Wallet as soon as the shop shares the data of your purchase with us. Initially, it may appear as “pending.” Then, depending on the shop response, you will either see it marked as “Payable” or “Denied.”

The processing times can vary from one shop to another.

If you don’t see your cashback credited to your account within 15 days, please complete the Missing Order Form.

Be sure to include the necessary screenshots, including proof of payment debited from your account (PayPal, VISA/Mastercard). This information will enable our support team to initiate a claim with the shop on your behalf.

At Clubshop Outlet, the process is immediate, and the 10% cashback is credited to your account instantly after your payment. This is because Clubshop Outlet is owned by us, and we have full control over it.

Cahsback Amount

The cashback you see indicated for each store is the indicative percentage of reimbursement you get on your purchase, net of shipping costs and taxes.

Keep in mind that some stores offer different percentages depending on the product categories, and others may not offer any cashback on certain categories (as is the case with Walmart in the USA).

So, in general, in a store like Clubshop Outlet, for example, which offers a 10% cashback, if you spend $100, you get $10 cashback.

In a store like Monlick, for example, the cashback could be much lower, only 1%.

This typically happens in electronics stores where profit margins are very low, and product prices are significant, such as for washing machines, televisions, etc.

So, if you spend, for example, $1000 in a store that offers 1% cashback, your cashback will be $10.

If you spend $40, your cashback will be $0.40.

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