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Are the Members coming from COOP Real or Bots?

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We guarantee that we don’t and we’ll never use, any system to deliver Bots instead of real people.

All our ongoing advertising campaigns are targeted to people who are genuinely interested in an online shopping or business opportunity.

Of course, as they are “cold” contacts, just like you probably initially were too, they need some time to become active or to buy anything at Clubshop.

Funnels and tools

That’s why our funnels are designed to educate them throughout the days, weeks, months.

These tools allow them to see with their eyes how Clubshop works and be perfectly aware when deciding.

That’s also why GPS includes essential communication and follow-up tools.

These tools allow our Vested Income Partners to follow up with their Teammates effectively to help them take advantage of their Clubshop membership as soon as possible.

Guarantee of earnings?

There can’t be any guarantee that your Members will become active and start to produce income for you, just like if you were running advertising campaigns on your own.

Once again; what we can guarantee is that you get targeted members. We also ensure that we keep working to improve the “quality” of new incoming members.

We can also assure you that we continue optimizing the entire funnel and follow-up system to help your business grow.

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