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Are all items purchased at the Clubshop Mall eligible for Cashback?

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Practically every item you purchase through the ClubShop Mall qualifies for cash back.

BEAR IN MIND: GPS and COOP shares DON’T PRODUCE CASHBACK. These services are exclusively dedicated to Clubshop Partners and already generate commissions as per the GPS Compensation Plan.

We cannot give cash back for taxes, shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift certificates or store credit.

Typically prescription drugs and gift cards are also excluded from earning ClubCash.

Any purchase of products or services completed by telephone does not qualify for cash back. At times, stores place minor restrictions on cash back eligibility. We do our best to maintain this information.

Exceptions, restrictions and additional information be viewed by clicking the button next to each store listing.

Please be aware that store exceptions change regularly and ClubShop Rewards reserves the right to cancel or delay cash back payments when stores alter their policies or refuse to pay ClubShop Rewards a commission.

As merchants usually pay us with a 60 day-delay, Clubcash could be showed as “Pending” until we have been paid by these merchants, if you haven’t request a refund in the meantime.

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