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Anti-scam Policy.

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It’s strictly forbidden to ask money to other Clubshop Members for services or products of any kind related or not related to the Clubshop Business.

It’s strictly forbidden to create fake Clubshop memberships or Clubshop memberships on behalf of third persons.

All Clubshop members must:

  • Signup to Clubshop personally, through their device. If they have no equipment, they cannot be Clubshop’s members.
  • Signup with their real full name.
  • Use their actual email address to which they have exclusive access.
  • Keep their Clubshop’s password secret.

All violations of this policy may cause the immediate termination of the Clubshop member’s account.

As a consequence of the membership termination, all pending and payable commissions are automatically forfeited.

All fake memberships will be removed.

All real Members with a fake name or email, must edit their profile accordingly to this policy, and make sure they are registered with their real full name and personal email address.

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