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A new Clubshop Season is going to start.

I hope you guys recharged your batteries during the holiday season, just like I did.

That was needed indeed. 

Now we must all be ready for a new season that will bring significant enhancements to your business.

Usually, I’m not particularly eager to anticipate things before knowing the exact moment we release them.

But, I’m so enthusiastic about them that I can’t avoid to give you a little idea of where your great business is going.

I’m also sure that these anticipations will help you have a better vision of your financial future.

I’m going to talk here about three very significant enhancements that you’ll start to enjoy shortly.

Three GREAT Enhancements!

1) New Trial Program concept.

We already released the first one of them just a few days ago for its test phase. 

I’m referring to the 30-Day Trial Program that is now activated automatically to all new incoming affiliates.

Why did we do this?

It’s because we understood that too many affiliates when they sign up, they don’t take the time to read anything about the Program. So, they do not even know that the Trial Program exists.

Hence, many remain stuck in the Pools without knowing how the business works and its real potential.

Suppose instead, we place all of them directly into the vertical lines and offer them a full GPS month for FREE! 

Now they can see with their eyes how the entire business cycle works for them 24/7. At the same time, they can also understand the truth about the vast income potential they’ll have as real GPS subscribers. 

And this is not all. The same fact of having much more trial partners in your vertical lines increases the odds of having new GPS subscribers every month, exponentially.

As the first results seem to be very promising, we’re almost sure this new concept will pass the test phase, and we’ll keep it active forever. 

2) Clubshop mobile App for iOS and Android.

We’re incredibly excited about it too because we think it can bring your Clubshop business to another level.

We’ve been busy working on the new mobile app for the past three months already.

Once the app is up and running, we’ll also start reopening the local stores’ cashback program in certain countries and cities.

All this will add even more credibility to the entire Clubshop Program, which will help you to increase the payable/pending conversion rate drastically.

3) Instant Commissions Payout.

It’s another essential aspect of the strategy we’re putting in place to keep adding more reliability and credibility to your business.

Because we know this business is the best people’s business ever conceived. 

There is no doubt about it. 

But, if people keep on with their fears, skepticism, and prejudices, how can they take full advantage of the gold mine we’re offering? There’s no way because they cannot see the big picture.

We know that if people can get instantly paid instead of waiting for the monthly payment day, their skepticism would evaporate in a blink of an eye. 

As a consequence, their payable/pending commissions’ rate would explode!

We’re confident that these three new elements combined will boost the development of your business. And, of course, the bigger your team’s size will be when we release each one of them, the faster your income will grow.

That’s why, if I were you, I would start right now to do the right thing.

Do The Right Thing!

– If you are an affiliate or a Trial Partner, don’t wait any longer; activate your preferred GPS right now to become a Clubshop Partner right away.

– If you are a Partner already, don’t stay passively waiting for things to happen. 

Do the right things like; 

Above all, have faith, follow the path, and never give up!

Always stay positive and excited. You can only succeed!
Fabrizio Perotti, Co-owner.

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Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

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  1. This is great news! Those 3 points are fantastic. Please activate Point number 3 at the soonest, I believe this will make people feel more confident about this business. Can’t wait to see this things explodes.

  2. Good evening? How are we? It’s a pleasure to be with you, but let me tell you, I want more clarity of movement? I’m happy because you contacted me, I feel good because I am part of that team thank you, it was our friend Pierre Gady Saint Louis

  3. Comprendiendo mejor de que se trata Clubshop, para mi experiencia es fenomenal, gracias muchas gracias, es danto todo para lograr los mejores resultados.

  4. Anthony Anani

    This is so good, this will help people understand the modalities of the business and so tap the great potential involved.

  5. Md Sahajul islam

    Dear Sir
    I’m really new to this job. I don’t really understand what a job is.
    I want to be well understood, this is what I want
    Thank you sir

    • Edward Williams

      Hi Marilyn,
      It’s nice to know that you have seen the great vision and have become a part of this business. Now you just need to watch new members adding to your team on a regular basis. Also, you need to familiarise yourself with the your back office, and watch all the training videos. They are very short and inspiring. You can find them on our YouTube channel.
      Watch your life change significantly as a Cashclub member.
      Best wishes.

    • Edward Williams

      Hello Jennifer,
      It is a great idea to want to start a business. I am almost certain that you are referring to online business. My best advise to you is, that you activate your GPS as soon as possible. You will ultimately thank yourself to become a member here at Cashclub. You will also realise that this is the only business you will ever need.
      Go ahead and activate your GPS and experience financial freedom at it’s very best.
      See you at the top.

    • Edward Williams

      Hello John,
      Thank you for showing interest in becoming a member of Clubshop.
      After signing up, you will have the option of a thirty days free trial or you can go right ahead and click that red button in your back office to activate your GPS. Follow the instructions carefully and make an informed decision.
      Best wishes

  6. Friday John Adada

    So nice to be in this platform, i m so happy for the constant upgrade of this project, i really hope to be on top very soon.

    Best Regards

    • Edward Williams

      Hello Ayaz,
      Welcome to Clubshop. We are delighted to have you on board.
      At this point, you need to follow the instructions given in your back office. Familiarise yourself with the features, and activate your GPS at the highest possible level.
      You should also watch all the training videos and join our facebook group.
      This is the only business you will ever need, and soon you will prove it for yourself.
      Best wishes.

    • Edward Williams

      Welcome to Clubshop. We are delighted to have you on board.
      At this point, you need to follow the instructions given in your back office.

      Hello Unity,
      Familiarise yourself with the features, and activate your GPS at the highest possible level.
      You should also watch all the training videos and join our facebook group.
      This is the only business you will ever need, and soon you will prove it for yourself.
      Best Wishes


    Bonjour leader,
    Merci pour la bonne nouvelle que vous venez d’annoncer. Néanmoins j’ai besoin de quelques conseils pour mener à bien ma mission. J’aimerais savoir ce que je vais faire comme activités pour booster mon équipe à par celle de référer des filleuls(es).

  8. Dauda Dominic Hassan

    I came across clubshop online and it captivated my attention, therefore, I want to sign up soon but don’t really understand how it works yet.
    Can some one put me through please?

  9. King Boniface

    The best ever decision to make is to quickly activate your GPS and become a real partner,don’t risk losing all the commission you have generated as a trial partner.this very new development most especially the idea of clubshop app and the automatic means of payment is not only a best ideas but will indeed boost the system and there by enhanced the growth of the system.

  10. Friday John Adada

    Dear sir, i m in to, Do The Right Thinks but, stuck in this page (Work at your activity report) how can i make use of this page? i need video and write up on how to use that page

    Another issue i have is > I activated GPS PRO PLUS on the 25th August 2020 and i have planed to activate Premier on the 25th of Sep.2020 My ID: FJ244372

    One of my direct downline Iziegbe David Adada ID: ID5807824 Activated her GPS PRO PLUS on 29th of August i did not received my direct invite commission. Please address this issue, and she also want to activate GPS Premier along with me on the 29th Sep 2020. Please i need all my commissions.

    Kind Regards

  11. shakiru olusola amure

    The commission earnings should not only be your goal on the website,this is your lifetime business establishment and you must persist and be consistence. However, is in’t a competition between you and your downline or upline, be focus and do what is expected of you and the earnings will surely come.

    • Please log into your ClubShop dashboard, click on the menu personal, click on the link commissions payment preferences, proceed from there then select the option that you wish.

  12. valdeir fiuza de brito

    I still don’t quite understand how it works but as far as I understand it I need to keep buying to gain something so my understanding because of the language was not necessary. but because of the doubts I bought a plan and the doubt I activated my gps I need to buy and resell products?

  13. valdeir fiuza de brito

    my other doubt about the steels I should buy steels daily. something else I have to become affiliated with Mazon? thank you I am confident that I will better understand how it works to dedicate myself more and better to growing together more and more. hug

  14. Dagnny Velasquez

    Buenas. Realmente no entiendo nada de la pagina, necesito que el encargado me escriba o llame y oriente, los videos no dicen mayor cosa ni orienta, necesito un video en espanol con un paso a paso por favor

  15. Chandra Bahadur Khatri

    It want my visa number if i give it it can take my balance from bank who is the authorized person in Nepal for it

    • Dear Chandra, I’d you are referring to the payment for a GPS subscription, don’t worry,
      It’s a normal payment through a VISA/MasterCard like any other in any other country.

  16. Badrul H A

    Welcome to Clubshop. We are delighted to have you all on board.The best ever decision to make is to quickly activate your GPS and become a real partner,don’t risk losing all the commission you have generated as a trial partner.This is the only business you will ever need, and soon you will prove it for yourself.

  17. Dagnny Velasquez

    Buenas. Necesito de verdad me orienten, ya que los vídeos no muestran mayor cosa, dicen que en un mes uno genera y una vez que uno paga el GPS todo desaparece, para no pensar que es estafa, quiero que alguien me contacte y me guíe como empiezo a generar

  18. John Lombard

    This is really one of the best Online Business on the Market. Bon Voyage Clubshop….we sailing with you into the Future.

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