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1st Prize: $1000 CA$H

The new Super Premier Plus is the most appreciated GPS offer we have ever released.

It’s been a huge success since the first day we launched it in December.

It gives exciting benefits to the subscribers and huge earnings for the original AND upline sponsors.

We’ve just considered an additional incentive to reward the most active and dedicated Partners.

Contest Rules:

  • The first one who manages to sell ten new GPS Super Premier Plus by January 31st earns a bonus of $1000 in addition to the Fast Start Bonuses, the second one $500, and the third one $250.
  • For everyone else who sold at least one GPS Super Premier Plus in January, a total consolation prize of $50 on top of the regular Fast Start Bonuses.
  • All the GPS Super Premier Plus, already activated since the beginning of January, are valid for the contest’s sake.
  • The ranking during the month is secret.
  • The winners will be announced at the beginning of February.
  • The prizes will be paid in February with the January commissions.


On January 28th, you’re the first to have sold 10 GPS SUPER Premier Plus in January.

You earn ten Fast Start Bonuses of $124.95 each, plus the $1000 first prize!

FSB: ($124.95 x 10) $1249.5 + 1st Prize: $1000

Total earnings: $2249.5


  1. The GPS Super Premier Plus also produces TNT commissions for the six upline Partners.
  2. So, the more Partners in your team compete in the contest, the more juicy TNT Commissions for everybody.
  3. Last but not least: your overall team can keep growing like crazy in January and in the months to come.

That’s it! 😇

Happy contest to everyone!

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