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Why don’t you restrict the Vertical Lines system to paid GPS Partners only?

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The reason is that we prefer to give everyone the opportunity to see with their eyes exactly what they would see once they confirm their GPS.

As Trial Partners, they have the opportunity to experience everything with no string attached and before deciding to pay for their GPS.

One of the most important things they can understand as Trial Partners is the difference between “pending” and “payable” commissions and how these are produced.

Thanks to the FREE Trial Program and these vertical lines, there is no way for them to misunderstand what the real aim of their Free Trial program is because it’s always transparently explained in several paragraphs of their “Trial Partner Control Center.”

They can learn what “Pending Commissions” are and how they may or may not become “Payable Commissions” once they have confirmed their GPS.

On the other hand, if you are a confirmed partner, you can manage and optimize your growing organization to increase the benefit for yourself and all the affiliates and Trial Partners in your organization, thanks to the Trial Partner vertical lines.

Thanks to the Trial Partner genealogy report, if you have a GPS Pro or higher, you can also communicate effectively and personally with all of them instead of just sending out bulk emails with no unique and valuable content.

And, it’s still thanks to the vertical lines that the GPS can optimize the ongoing communications with all of them on your behalf and keep them informed about every event that occurs in their organization.

In Clubshop, just like any other real business, profession, or job, you can’t be very successful if you don’t know all aspects of it.

That’s why you, as a Partner (or Trial Partner), must complete the GPS Essential Training.

Even one or two lessons per day would be enough to complete it in just a few weeks.

If you haven’t done so yet, please start the Training now and don’t hesitate to be positively involved in Clubshop’s official social groups on Facebook and Telegram.

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