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What’s the Hyper-Duplication Bonus?

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The image above is an example.
The Hyper-Duplication bonus amount you get can be higher or lower as explained below.

We add temporary new bonuses and incentives to help you boost your business development process from time to time.

The Hyper-Duplication Bonus is one of these incentives, and it is offered to help new Trial Partners to speed up their decisional process and confirm their GPS as soon as they have understood how GPS works, within the first seven days if their 30-Day Trial Program.

How it works:

When you start your FREE 30-Day Trial Program, we assign you a Hyper-Duplication Bonus of $XX.XX dollars.

The exact initial amount can be different from time to time and, to a higher GPS type, corresponds a higher Hyper-Duplication Bonus.

This bonus decreases since the first second of your Trial Program and it zeros out at the seventh day of your Trial Period.

It means that the sooner you confirm your GPS, the higher the remaining Bonus that you could cash out.


Because the bonus stops decreasing the moment that we receive your payment (this is another reason why it’s fundamental that when paying, you fill the checkout form with the exact email address you registered ad a Clubshop member).

As usual, when you confirm (pay) your GPS, you also consolidate your “pending” (not payable yet) commissions produced by your Trial Partners.

All your Trial Partners can benefit of their own Hyper-Duplication Bonus, too. So, they are more likely to speed up their decisional process, too.

After you have confirmed (paid) your GPS, each time one of your Trial Partners confirms their GPS, the corresponding pending commission becomes payable.

And, once at least three of these Trial Partners (among all those that you received from your GPS or from additional COOP shares) confirm their GPS before the expiration of their Trial Period, the Hyper-Duplication Bonus that you got, becomes payable too!

So, in brief: you need two conditions to cash out your Hyper-Duplication Bonus:

  1. You confirmed your GPS during your first seven days as a Trial Partner.
  2. Three of the Trial Partners that we assigned to your Team confirmed their GPS during their 30-Day Trial Period.

That’s it.

Earnings Example with Hyper Duplication Bonus:

Please see below a clear example of how much you could earn thanks to the Hyper-Duplication Bonus AND The Fast Start Bonuses generated by your Trial partners. 

Let’s say this is your current situation:
1) you have a GPS Pro Trial (priced $49.90/month, cancel anytime – No Obligations)
2) Your remaining Bonus at the moment of your GPS Payment: $285.383) Three of your Trial Partners confirm their GPS during their 30-day Trial Period as follows: 1 GPS Basic Plus + 1 GPS Pro + 1 GPS Premier Plus.
In this case, you would earn:

  • $285.38 + (Your remaining Hyper Bonus)
  • $14.95 + (Fast Start Bonus GPS Basic Plus)
  • $24.95 +(Fast Start Bonus GPS Pro)
  • $124.95 = (Fast Start Bonus GPS Premier Plus)
  • ___________
  • $450,23 Total Bonuses

As per the example above, as you paid $49.95 to confirm your GPS Pro, you would have started your new Clubshop business with a net income like this:
$450,23 – 49,90 = $400.33

Not bad at all as a first month Clubshop Partner!

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