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What’s The GPS?

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It’s a business service.

It includes your own turnkey online Shopping Mall with hundreds of big-name stores included, ready to generate sales for you. 

It also comes with the training program and advanced business building system.

Its goal is to enable even a computer or networking novice to build a successful business and create a genuine, residual income.


The real value of the Global Partner System (GPS) lies in the online services that are included and delivered thanks to a monthly subscription.


GPS includes all that you need to run your own business and make your entrepreneurial life easier, while you work to achieve your goals. But obviously, it cannot be a promise or guarantee of income!

Also, we noticed that someone is complaining about the country of provenance of their affiliates.

So, we’d like to underline that we won’t tolerate any sort of racist/discrimination issue anymore.

What we’re very proud of is that our business is a global one and we have customers/members from all over the world. Clubshop Members come from Oceania, Africa, America, Europe, Asia.

No one of them is better or worse than any other, based on their country of residence, sex, religion, or any other discriminatory factor.

That being said, it’s important to remark again that what we sell and you subscribed to is a full pack of marketing services that has its value.

Everybody can see the detailed description of all services included in each package on the subscription page. This value cannot depend on the result you achieve.

We designed these services to help you build month after month, your own e-commerce business, and create and automatize as much as possible the entire business-building process to make things much easier for you. But, of course, we can’t guarantee or promise any specific result.

All these services are properly delivered and active for your account when your monthly fee is paid on time.

You just need to plan your work, work at your plan, and use these services to help you achieve any goal you’d like to set up for yourself. If you’re not happy with your subscription, as you don’t have any obligation, you can simply cancel your account at any moment.

Of course, we’ll be much happier leading each and every one of you to wild success. But this depends exclusively on you.

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