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What’s the Global Partner System (GPS)

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It’s a complete, advanced and unique CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, provided by Proprofit Worldwide Limited and reserved to Clubshop Affiliates, which includes your own turnkey Online Shopping Mall with hundreds of big-name stores included, ready to generate sales for you. 

It also comes with a training program and business building system that will enable even a computer or networking novice to build a successful business and create a genuine residual income.

Our Global Partner System (GPS) provides EVERYTHING you need to succeed, including Company’s Advertising Shares, which allows you to get new loyal customers for your New Shopping Mall, with no effort on your side, every month!

Typically to start any kind of business, you need to make a large initial investment and ongoing investments.

With a GPS, you can start your online business for as low as $150 the first month and only $50 / Month starting from the second month.

Read more about what GPS is Here And then Here.

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