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What’s the Coop Advertising?

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It works like this: the Company runs ongoing advertising campaigns all over the world. These targeted campaigns produce thousands of new Clubshop Members every day.

Every partner, at any time, can decide to purchase additional shares of advertising campaigns managed by the company.

These shares enable you to receive a guaranteed number of affiliates for each share obtained.

Coop advertising shares are included in every GPS Pack, too.

We deliver all these affiliates in real time when they sign up at Clubshop.

The system guides each new member through the three steps of the Clubshop essential TNT funnel:

Affiliate> Trial Partner> Partner.

Of course, It’s not possible to guarantee that these affiliates will generate commissions. However, we continue to optimize campaigns and subsequent communication through our unique TNT method.

We count that during the 30-day trial period as a Trial Partner, they can make an informed decision about what is best for them, and each one of us as a result.

These members can become active during the initial 30-day timeframe or not. It’s not important.

What matters to you is the fact that you are buildingyour real asset:

a large growing group of real people for your Shopping Mall, that we keep informing about the whole Clubshop activity.

This ongoing communication is aimed to keep their interest alive and help them to become active at any moment.

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