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I feel bad: many Free Members don’t confirm their GPS. Why?

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That’s why your GPS delivers so many COOP Shares. And additional ones can be ordered.

In every legitimate business based on sales, you usually need lots of prospects and potential customers hanging around, just taking a look at what you have to sell.

Not all of them will buy anything. Here, the only thing you know is that they actively looking for what we are offering. Which is a very good thing.

That’s why they signed up as Clubshop Members. They are your audience, and the more active you are in helping them, the more credibility you build for yourself as their sponsor.

That’s when they’ll start to follow more your advice.

Also, bear in mind that many times your Members become interested and active even after months. You never know when it’s a good moment for them!

So, be persistent; have faith, follow the path, and never give up!

ADVICE: always bear in mind your goal as a Partner as explained in this video.

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