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How does the community contribution work?

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You can find a detailed explanation of the Clubshop Community Contribution concept here:

If you are a Partner, please read carefully the page linked above.

In all your commission statements you find the table as reported in this example below so that you can monitor all along the month, what’s the minimum GPS you need to offer the best support to your organization.

We advise you to monitor this table constantly so that you can even decide to upgrade your GPS type, before the renewal day, to avoid paying the normal renewal and, maybe a few days later, also the community contribution for the optimization of your income.

For example:

Let’s say you have a GPS Basic, with renewal day 29th of the month.

On the 29th, you see that your income for that month is already $52. As you checked in this table, you know that to optimize your current monthly income and offer the minimum support needed by your team, you need at least a Basic Plus.

So, instead of renewing the same GPS Basic, you may choose to directly upgrade to GPS Basic Plus.

So, on the last day of the month, the system recognizes the right GPS type and doesn’t deduct your contribution fee from your commissions, even if you have the corresponding checkbox flagged.

Of course, if you have the automatic renewal checkbox flagged, the system will deduct your payable commissions for the amount you need to renew your GPS on your next renewal day.

Example of optimization table

How to read this table

In the example above, we see that this partner has already a GPS Pro Plus.

So, his income is already optimized because he has even more than the GPS needed by the income threshold he’s currently in; “Page”. In fact, with $147.62 he is in the “Page” income range.

Being currently in the “Page” income range, even a Basic Plus would be enough, by the way, he has an even higher GPS, the GPS Pro Plus.

So, no other optimization is needed at this moment and the two last columns on the right side of the table can be ignored.


In the example above you can see that the partner has flagged both checkboxes.

  1. The first checkbox is what allows you to make sure your GPS is automatically renewed by deducting your contribution from your commissions. Of course, to make it work, you need to have enough commissions available. That’s why the amount you need is normally set aside the last day of the previous month when it’s more likely you have enough commissions to pay for it. If you don’t have enough commissions available, you will need to renew it manually as usual.
  2. The second checkbox is what allows you to be sure your GPS is always optimized depending on the size of organization you have, and the income it produces. In this case, the last day of the month, the system automatically deducts the corresponding community contribution from your commissions and extends your GPS renewal day until the last day of the following month.
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