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How does the Clubshop Affiliate Program Works?

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It’s extremely simple!

In Clubshop there are a few kinds of Membership types:

  • Shoppers: earn cash back on every purchase they can decide to make at every store included in the Online Clubshop Mall. The amount of cashback is always clearly displayed for every store.
  • Affiliates: same as shoppers, they can also invite friends through their referral link, and earn a direct commission on their purchases.
  • Trial Partners: every affiliate can ask to become a TP, in order to see during 30 days, how our Global Partner System (GPS) works for them.
  • Partners: these are affiliates who invited some friends, and these friends have produced at least 5 purchases in a month. When this happens, they are automatically qualified as partners for that same calendar month. Partners are enabled to earn also override commissions on 6 generations of referrals. GPS Subscribers are automatically qualified as Partner every month and benefit of the GPS services, depending on the type of monthly subscription they chose.
  • Merchant Affiliates: retail companies can register as Clubshop Merchants. They will pay us a commission on every purchase made by Clubshop Members. We split this commission to pay cashback to the member who did the purchase and to pay override commissions to 6 generations of upline partners. 1/10 of that commission remain to the company to pay the running cost of the program.
  • Affinity Groups: non-profit organizations can register and get donations based on all the purchases made by all their referrals.

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