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How do I use my GPS earnings calculator?

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The GPS earnings calculator is not just a tool to give you an indicative projection of how much you’re going to earn in perspective with your GPS organization’s development. It has a much important role, as you’re going to understand here.

But first, let’s see how to use it:

  • First field: as the goal is to develop it on six lines, you can leave six in the first field.
  • Second field: typically, an organization of network marketing never duplicates at 100%. So, you can estimate your team’s duplication, for example, based on your current dashboard indicator named “Team Duplication Rate.”
  • Third field: as GPS average monthly price, you can start with what you see in your dashboard indicator called “Average GPS Monthly Fee.”

For example, if I’d type in these fields, the figures I see at this moment in my dashboard, I’d type respectively: 6, 28.61, and 83.15.

The result would be: “Your Monthly Income”: $2,273

So, I can see where I can improve my outcomes.

Let’s say I want to become a better coach.

Then I’ll help my partners’ duplication, and I’ll do my best to increase my “Team Duplication Rate” to be at 35%, which would increase my projection at $6,052 per month.

Then, I can even try to see what would change, increasing my team’s GPS’s monthly fee. So, I can raise it to $95 and see how the result would change.

You can play with any number you’d like to and get excited.In the calculator’s second section, you can see how many GPS would be in each generation of your team, depending on these inputs.

The goal of playing with the calculator is to create a clear image of the development of your growing six-generation GPS Team and let you see where the money is and make it feel it like yours.

Get excited and dream about it, because you have no limits on how much you can earn.

If you know where you are going, it is much easier to get to your destination.

Above all, bear in mind that your positive emotions, like enthusiasm, passion, joy, happiness, are the essential ingredients you need to attract wealth.

So, while you do this exercise, leave your mind free of dreaming.

See clearly how your life is with all that money coming into your pocket every month.

Do it often. Keep the image clear in your mind. That’s what attracts the circumstances, things, events, people, and whatever you may need to manifest the life you deserve.

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