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How and when do the pending commissions become payable?

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It’s vital for all Trial Partners to read very carefully, as many times as needed, all the information available in their Trial Partner Control Center.

Because that’s where everything is explained very clearly.

For example, one typical question we receive thousands of times is: “How and when do the pending commissions become payable without me paying anything and only waiting?”

Well, in the “How it Works” section of the Trial Partner Control Center and even before, in the page that explains everything about becoming a Trial Partner, at point 5, that is explained in a few words and very clearly. In fact, you can read there the following:

“Receive Your Earnings!: Each time your Trial Partners confirm their GPS just like you supposedly did too, we move the corresponding commissions from your Pending commission statement to your Payable Commissions statement and send it to you on your preferred account (PayPal, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Etc.)”

Not only that. On the same page, you can (must) read the “30-Day FREE Trial Rules. That’s where you can also read and understand clearly the following:

“​Pending to Payable commissions: during your 30-day trial, we credit your “pending commission report.” Once you buy the GPS pack you’re trying (or a higher one. Not a lower one), these commissions can become payable. It happens automatically, each time one of your Trial Partners confirms their GPS pack too.

So, the above being said, it’s easier to understand that your pending commissions can become payable for you only if you have already confirmed your GPS, when (and if) your Trial Partners will confirm theirs.

So, it means that “Pending” Commissions are automatically transformed into “Payable” Commissions when the two following conditions exist:

  1. You have already confirmed your GPS.
  2. Your Trial Partners confirm their GPS after you have already confirmed yours.

If instead, your Trial Partners confirm their GPS before you, they will overtake you in the vertical line, so you would lose them and the corresponding pending commissions that they are currently generated for you.

You can lose a pending commission also if a co-sponsor of your Trial Partners confirms their GPS before you.

Payable Commissions are then sent to you every following month, typically not later than the 21st of the month, if your Payable Commissions Balance is higher than $10 and if before the end of the month you had correctly set up your “Commissions Payment Preferences” page.


– You have a GPS Pro with the automatic renewal activated. – On May 31st, your total commissions’ balance is $182, and you have correctly set up your “Commissions Payment Preferences.”
– PERFECT! Before June 21st, we’ll send you $132.1 ($182 – $49.90 (GPS Renewal fee for June) = $132.1)

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